Your Care Team

Two nurses showing a young man something on a computer

A wide range of specialists are involved in your care when you're a patient at Sibley. In addition to the doctors, technicians and support personnel, three hospital-based roles are responsible for much of the care provided in our facility.

Sibley Hospitalist Service Team

Your day-to-day care at Sibley Hospital is managed by our hospital-based physicians, who work collaboratively with specialists and your primary care physician. Sibley hospitalists are a team of internal medicine physicians who provide effective and high quality care for Sibley patients 24/7. They are experienced health care providers who practice solely at Sibley and address health care needs quickly, safely and efficiently. They communicate directly with your primary care physicians and specialists to coordinate care throughout your hospital stay and your transition home.


Nurses at Sibley are taking a leadership role in transforming patient care. We have one of the best retention rates in the area, and our nurses are as committed to their patients as they are to Sibley Hospital.