Anesthesia Services at Sibley Memorial Hospital

Anesthesiology at Sibley Memorial Hospital

Clinical anesthesia services for outpatients, inpatients and obstetric patients at Sibley Memorial Hospital are provided by our partner organization, Certified Anesthesia Services (CAS). CAS is an private physician practice that has been associated with Sibley since the 1940s. Providers work closely alongside physicians, surgeons and medical staff to provide specialized care that is tailored to each patient, and also consults in the pre-admission testing center and the ICU. All providers are board-eligible or board-certified anesthesia doctors or nurse anesthetists.

We know that patients and families are concerned about the risks of surgery and anesthesia. We strive to provide patients and families with all the information available to make an informed decision about the best anesthetic management available in each individual case. Learn about your anesthesiologist will be involved with some of the most common medical procedures in our pages to the left.

For the full list of providers, please visit Please note that our physicians do not provide pain management services.

Contact Information

Practice Administration

Elizabeth A. Worthen, Office Manager
202-243-2220 (fax)
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Billing and Claim Inquiries

1-800-242-1131, ext. 5173, or 202-537-4141
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Please note that the billing office and practice administration phone lines are not monitored after business hours.

Our providers accept most major insurance plans. If you have questions regarding insurance or billing, please contact our billing office.

Pre-operative Anesthesia Consultation

All patients will have a chance to meet their anesthesiologist on the day of their scheduled surgery or procedure. You will have sufficient time to ask any questions you may have about the types of anesthesia offered, as well as learning what to expect in your postoperative recovery.

Some patients may need extra time to prepare for their upcoming surgery and anesthesia. Specifically, those with complex medical issues or those with a prior history of anesthesia complications may benefit from meeting with an anesthesiologist prior to the date of surgery.

If you or your physician feel you need one, you may have a consultation with one of the anesthesiologists prior to your procedure date. Have the physician who will perform the procedure (surgeon, obstetrician, gastroenterologist, etc.) write you a prescription for a “pre-op consultation” with the Department of Anesthesiology. You may then call the Pre-Surgical Testing Center (PSTC) at 202-537-4955 to schedule the consultation. During the consultation you will meet with one of the members of the Department of Anesthesiology to discuss your case. This person may not be your anesthesia provider on your procedure date, but he or she will make sure your information gets to the provider who will take care of you.

The appointment must take place at least twp days before your scheduled surgery or procedure. Anyone who wishes to schedule an appointment less than two days in advance of surgery will be directed to wait until the procedure date.

Additional information about preparing for surgery can be found on the Department’s website.

Anesthesia for Different Procedures