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Support Services

Breast Support Services

We help breast cancer patients and their families by supporting the whole person during breast cancer treatment and on into recovery. The Sullivan Breast Center and the full resources of Sibley Memorial Hospital are coordinated to help patients and their families manage both the medical and many non-medical aspects of dealing with breast cancer treatment. This support addresses the practical, logistical, emotional and spiritual aspects associated with breast cancer and breast cancer treatment, including the experience and aftereffects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Nurse Navigator

Contact Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator

Building D, Level 4
Phone: 202-370-6545

Most women will not have a diagnosis of cancer, but if you do, Jennie Tarica, Sullivan Breast Center’s nurse navigator, is available to help you navigate the process of breast cancer treatment here at Sibley Hospital.

Call or email Jennie Tarica if you have questions regarding an abnormal mammogram or breast exam or if you need assistance with your breast cancer treatment. If it is necessary to see a breast surgeon, she can assist you in finding one with whom you are very comfortable. Jennie is here to make sure you are informed of all the resources at Sibley and to make your journey a little easier.