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Research in the Frontotemporal Dementia and Young-Onset Dementias Clinic covers a range of topics relating to the mechanisms and manifestations of the diseases, the costs and burdens of caring for sufferers, the quality of care and services, and the identification and development of effective treatments. The National Institute on Aging provides the primary financial support for our work through the Johns Hopkins Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Center, and our partnerships with advocacy organizations and the biomedical industry provide additional resources and perspective. Private foundations and individual donors also provide generous support for treatment and quality of care studies. We also collaborate with a variety of other university research programs.

Our current research studies focus on the following diseases:

Specific topics covered by our research include:

  • Disease manifestations and diagnostic methods
  • Clinical epidemiology (studies of risk factors and natural history)
  • Studies of neuropathologic, molecular, and genetic characteristics
  • Clinical trials and other treatment studies
  • Career burden and quality of care
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