General Psychiatry Inpatient Unit

Director: Larry Alessi, M.D.

The General Psychiatry Service provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary, acute, short-term assessment and treatment of the full spectrum of psychiatric disorders, with and without comorbid substance use problems. The service specializes in a community mental health approach and works closely with numerous mental health and social service agencies, substance abuse treatment programs, and private care providers to meet the medical and social support needs of patients returning to the community. The treatment team is comprised of an attending psychiatrist who is part of The Johns Hopkins University faculty, a resident psychiatrist, and psychiatric social workers, nurses and occupational therapists. The entire treatment team works closely with families, care providers and outpatient programs involved in the patients longitudinal care. 

For more information about inpatient admissions, please visit  Adult and Young Adult Psychiatry Admissions.

To arrange an admission to the Meyer 5 General Psychiatry Inpatient Unit, please contact the admission office at (410) 955-5104