Psychiatry Admissions

Admissions are coordinated through one of three offices, depending upon the age of the patient and the location of the inpatient service - The Johns Hopkins Hospital or The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Below are the phone numbers for the inpatient admissions coordinators in each office. Additional information about each service or specialty can be found by going to Specialty Areas. Please feel free to contact the appropriate admissions office directly for details about coordinating an inpatient or day hospital admission.

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For emergencies: Please call 911 or contact your nearest emergency room.
Johns Hopkins Emergency Department (Psychiatry) 410-955-5964

JH Hospital Admissions - Adults & Young Adults

Inpatient Admissions: 410-955-5104  
Day Hospital (Partial Hospitalization) Admissions: 410-955-5104

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JH Hospital Admissions  - Children and Adolescents

Inpatient Admissions: 410-955-5335   

JH Bayview Medical Center Admissions

Inpatient Admissions: 410-550-0069   

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