Perinatal Mood Disorders Clinic

Perinatal Mood Disorders Clinic
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
5500 E. Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Major depression is nearly twice as common in women as in men, with a lifetime occurrence of the illness as high as 21 percent in women compared with 12.7 percent in men. Although bipolar disorder is equally common in men and women (affecting about one percent of both over a lifetime) bipolar depressive episodes occur more often in women.

Moreover, depression tends to occur more frequently for women in their childbearing years. Research suggests that, at least in some women, reproductive-related hormonal changes help raise the risk of depressive episodes. For example, in the first three months after childbirth, some women may have a new episode of major or minor depression, and even more are believed to suffer with depression sometime during their postpartum course. This makes postpartum depression the most common serious postpartum disorder.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing mental health services to women who are planning pregnancy, are now pregnant or in their postpartum period, who are struggling with depression, anxiety and bipolar illness. We offer a comprehensive evaluation and ongoing outpatient treatment with a multidisciplinary team that includes experienced physicians and licensed mental health professionals. 

Services Offered

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • Medication management
  • Research opportunities

Request an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 410-550-0104 to speak with the intake specialist, Suzanne Mannion.


We accept Medical Assistance, Medicare, and some private (commercial) insurance. Insurance coverage will be verified prior to your first appointment.

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