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Skin Cancer Reconstruction

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If you are diagnosed with a type of skin cancer, your doctor may recommend surgery as the best option for removing the cancer and preventing its spread. Depending on the type of skin cancer and how much skin and tissue around the cancer needs to be removed, your doctor may recommend reconstructive surgery to replace the skin and tissue and to minimize scarring.

This may include Mohs surgery, which is known as the most effective treatment for most types of skin cancer. This procedure removes the cancerous tissue and minimizes the loss of healthy tissue. 

Learn more about surgery for skin cancer.

Why choose Johns Hopkins?

At Johns Hopkins, our plastic surgeons have experience with all types of reconstruction necessary after skin cancer removal. They have learned about and, in many cases, taught the latest and most effective surgical techniques. In addition to their general expertise in reconstructive surgery, our plastic surgeons have performed a wide range of types of skin grafts and tissue transfers. They are fully skilled at restoring the skin cancer site so that it looks like the skin around it. Because they work at Johns Hopkins, they can call on any other kind of medical expertise needed right at the facility, from pathologists and oncologists to dermatologists.

The surgeons in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, located in Baltimore, Maryland, are devoted to their profession, and that includes consulting with patients, their families and others as needed. From the first consultation to the final checkup, our reconstructive surgeons make themselves available and accessible to patients.

Our Skin Cancer Surgeons

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