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Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation reshapes or enhances the size of the chin. The plastic surgeons at Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, Maryland, can do the procedure by using implants or by moving or reshaping bones. You may choose chin augmentation to enhance facial harmony or to make your features more balanced. Some patients choose to have a chin augmentation done at the same time they are having a rhinoplasty (nose job) or a facelift

Chin augmentation uses fat, bone or synthetic implants to build a better profile. Your plastic surgeon may recommend manipulating the jawbone rather than using an implant. You may also be interested in liposuction, which removes fat from the jaw and neck area to better define your jawline. You can decide what kind of augmentation and what kind of implant is best for you in consultation with your plastic surgeon.

What to expect during chin augmentation surgery

Your plastic surgeon will make incisions either inside the mouth or under the chin, whether you are having augmentation or reduction. If the incisions are under the chin, scarring is usually imperceptible. The surgery is done using general or local anesthesia and will take a couple of hours.

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Recovery from chin augmentation surgery

You can expect recovery to take a few days and some activities may be limited for 10 days to a couple of weeks. You may have some numbness for the first few weeks. Swelling subsides within two weeks.


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