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Fellowship Programs

residents examine a cadaver dissection

The Johns Hopkins Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, located in Baltimore, Maryland, offers medical students and residents the opportunity to continue their medical training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Johns Hopkins has a rich history related to plastic and reconstructive surgery in America. John Staige Davis, a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine graduate and long time faculty member, was the first physician in the United States to dedicate his entire career to plastic surgery. In some ways, plastic surgery was formed around activities that happened at Johns Hopkins, though there were many contributions from other doctors and institutions that have led to today's advancements. Many who were trained here have become leaders in plastic surgery programs across the country — and we continue the tradition of excellence today.

fellow with a skull model

The department offers multiple specialized fellowship programs: 

Our Fellows

  • Qingwen Kawaji, M.D.

    Burn Fellow

    No Image Available
  • Bao-Quynh Julian, M.D.

    Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellow

    No Image Available
  • Judy Pan, M.D.

    Craniofacial Surgery Fellow

    Judy Pan
  • Jasson Abraham, M.D.

    Hand and Upper Extremity Fellow

    No Image Available
  • Stephanie Martinez, M.D.

    Burn Fellow

    Stephanie Martinez
  • Sohayla Rostami, D.O.

    Burn Fellow

    Sohayla Rostami
  • Steven Ovadia, M.D

    Complex Gender Surgery Fellow

    Steven Ovadia

Become a part of plastic surgery history.

Shaping a Century: Johns Hopkins History of Plastic Surgery

The role of Johns Hopkins in plastic surgery's history in America is described, from John Staige Davis to other surgeons of today who continue to make incredible advances in the field.

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