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Brain-Computer Interface Study

Do You Have a Spinal Cord Injury?

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in collaboration with the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins are proud to announce a great new opportunity for patients with spinal cord injury to participate in a brain-computer interface study. This research project aims to allow a participant to control a highly modernized/advanced prosthetic robotic arm and other devices such as videogame-like programs (that can involve many scenarios), quad copters, wheelchairs, etc., solely with their thoughts.

In this study we will implant micro-electrode arrays on the surface of the brain. These electrodes will read brain signals to instruct computers or machines to perform specific tasks. The study will require a strong-willed and committed individual to join a multidisciplinary team of researchers. The study will last one year, with an average of 3 sessions per week, each lasting 2-3 hours approximately. We will work around the participant’s schedule to accommodate for their needs.

We are looking for a participant within the ages of 22-55 who has a C4- C6 tetraplegia, with a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury.

Participants can earn over $6000 with full participation.

For a better idea of what participating in a study of this kind can be like, watch an interview with a past participant.


For more information, email or call (443) 923- 2724.

Principal Investigator: Pablo Celnik, MD. Director, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


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