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Neurological Rehabilitation and Stroke Recovery

Understanding how people who suffered a stroke recover is crucial to developing interventions to enhance their function. This is the aim of the Human Brain Physiology and Stimulation Laboratory directed by Pablo Celnik, M.D.. The research performed in this lab is focused on patients with stroke and healthy individuals. The goal is to learn how the brain changes when people learn and recover from a neurological condition. This knowledge is then used to test interventions to improve function in patients. This work is done in close collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Brain Science Institute and the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Post-doctoral fellow Firas Mawase in his research lab

Firas practicing piano chord-like task as a training strategy for improving hand dexterity and functions in chronic stroke.

Firas Mawase Receives the Alfred Blalock Research Award

Post-doctoral fellow Firas Mawase was honored as part of the 2018 Young Investigators Day. Firas and his team at the Human Brain Physiology and Stimulation Lab have developed a novel motor skill training protocol and showed that individualized and intense motor skill training improves finger dexterity and basic hand functions, and reduces abnormal finger flexion synergy in people with chronic stroke. 

"I found that Johns Hopkins is unique because it is home to experts in clinical practice and research, and it integrates clinical practice and research, making it an ideal location to tackle challenging clinical problems with cutting-edge approaches," says Firas.

Learn more about Firas' research at Johns Hopkins.

Our Team and Collaborators

The group includes experts in rehabilitation, neurology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, biomedical engineering, and neurophysiology.

Amy Bastian, Ph.D., PT
Pablo Celnik, M.D.
John Krakauer, M.D., Ph.D.
Stewart Mostofsky, M.D.
April Pruski, M.D.
Preeti Raghavan, M.B.B.S.
Reza Shadmehr, Ph.D.
Kathy Zackowski, Ph.D., OT
David Zee, M.D.

Tomorrow's Discoveries: Recovering After a Stroke

In their research to help patients recover after a stroke or brain injury, Dr. Pablo Celnik and his team at the Human Brain Physiology and Stimulation Laboratory have discovered how brain stimulation can reduce the amount of time it takes to learn different actions and increases how long we remember them.

Contact Us

For more information about the Human Brain Physiology and Stimulation Laboratory, contact:

Manuel Anaya, M.D.
707 North Broadway, Room G-04
Baltimore, MD 21205-1888
Phone: 443-923-2724

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To learn more about how your tax-deductible contribution can help to support neurological rehabilitation research, please click here or contact our development team at 443-287-7947 or

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