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Sports Physical Therapy Residency

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Sports Physical Therapy Residency is to provide a physical therapist with the clinical experience, mentorship and knowledge needed to become a well-rounded, board-certified sports clinical specialist. The residency graduate will use a collaborative, evidence-based approach to deliver the highest quality of care to athletes and patients of all ages and competitive levels.

Duration: 13 months
Accreditation: ABPTRFE Accredited
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Application deadline: December 30, 2022
Interview decision: January 6, 2023
Interview: January 27, 2023
Program start: July 17, 2023
Clinic locations: White Marsh Surgery Center; training room and on-field coverage performed at local high school
Prerequisites: applicant must be a graduate from an accredited physical therapy program, hold a valid Maryland physical therapist license or be eligible to obtain one, and have one of the following: (a) approved Emergency Responder Certification, (b) Athletic Training Certification, or (c) EMT license.
Number of graduates: 8 graduates since 2017
First-time specialty exam pass rate: 100%
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Please click the pay application link to pay the supplementary application fee. Application will not be processed until the fee is received and application is complete. All fees are non-refundable.

The sports residency has made me a much better therapist. The part that I find distinguishes this residency from others is the emphasis on orthopedic population alongside the sports focus. Taking orthopedic courses and training to treat these diagnoses has set my level of care apart from others. 

- Patrick Griffin, class of 2017

Program Features

The residency includes the following units:

  • Over 150 hours of one-on-one clinical mentorship
  • Over 200 hours of sports venue and athletic training room coverage at the high school level
  • Over 100 hours of sports and orthopedic didactic education at The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • 1,500 hours of clinical practice
  • Clinical environment, including gait and motion analysis, antigravity treadmills and state-of-the-art modalities
  • Conference attendance at Combined Sections Meetings
  • Teaching and outreach opportunities

Residency Program Director

John Dale, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

portrait of John Dale

Residency Program Coordinator

Nate McClain, PT, DPT, SCS

Nate McClain

Current Residents | Class of 2023

Kyle Winiger, PT, DPT, ATC

Undergraduate school: Ohio State University, bachelor's of science in athletic training
Graduate school: Rosalind Franklin University, doctorate in physical therapy
Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois
Professional interests: sports performance, ACL rehab, collegiate/professional sports
Why I chose Johns Hopkins: I chose the Johns Hopkins Sports PT Residency for the prestige of the education, as well as the opportunities that are included in this residency. These opportunities include a clinical rotation at IMG Academy, ability to attend sports medicine conferences, and mentoring from different staff members.
headshot of Kyle Winiger

Program Alumni

  • Robert Santana, PT, DPT, CSCS | Class of 2022

    Undergraduate school: Arizona State University, bachelor's of science in health sciences
    Graduate school: University of Southern California, doctorate in physical therapy
    Hometown: Los Angeles, California
    Professional interests: orthopedics, sports performance, movement analysis/biomechanics, pain science
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins for their sports physical therapy residency program because of the availability of resources, new technology and unique experiences available with partners like the IMG Academy.
    headshot of Robert Santana
  • Joey Scambia, PT, DPT, CSCS | Class of 2022

    Undergraduate school: University at Albany, bachelor's of science in biology
    Graduate school: University of Rhode Island, doctorate in physical therapy
    Hometown: Somers, New York
    Professional interests: return to sport, blending strength and conditioning with rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation (specifically ACL and thrower's shoulder/elbow rehabilitation)
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: I chose Johns Hopkins due to the many opportunities available that allow the resident to grow personally and professionally. Due to the strong collaboration with the other residency programs here at Johns Hopkins, as well as time spent at IMG Academy and a local high school, this residency program exposes the resident to a variety of treatment approaches and perspectives.
    headshot of Joey Scambia
  • Liz Flannery, PT, DPT, CSCS | Class of 2020

    Undergraduate school: University of California, Los Angeles; B.S. in physiological science
    Graduate school: East Carolina University, Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Professional interests: sports rehabilitation (specifically throwers and runners), ACL post-op rehabilitation and prevention, return to sport, biomechanical research
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: There aren’t many sports residencies that can successfully showcase the blend of orthopedic and sport-specific opportunities that Johns Hopkins offers. As a resident, your mentors challenge you every session, and you are much more successful with a greater wealth of information at your disposal. Besides, it’s pretty impossible to separate out orthopedics and sports – these two go hand in hand. I appreciate the teaching hospital approach Johns Hopkins brings to carefully selecting a breadth of didactic and clinical experiences, including the components at University of Southern California, conference attendance and the partnership with IMG Academy in Florida.
    What I like about Baltimore: I love just exploring the various neighborhoods on foot to take in the sights and vibes. This city has so much history. As a lifelong O’s and Ravens fan, I enjoy the atmosphere when taking in a game or two – these fans are so passionate about their teams! It’s a very vibrant restaurant, bar and art scene. And obviously, the crab cakes are on another level.
    portrait of Liz Flannery
  • Kevin McNamara, PT, DPT, CSCS | Class of 2020

    Undergraduate school: Montana State University, B.S. in exercise physiology
    Graduate school: Franklin Pierce University, Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Professional interests: Professionally, my interests lie in managing the pain experience by blending the fields of physical therapy and physical preparation to bring a more holistic approach to sports rehabilitation. Specific professional interests include ACL and RTP rehab, tendinopathy, sports performance and strength and conditioning.
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: The program at Johns Hopkins really does prioritize the growth of the resident. The additional emphasis on the development of orthopedic skills and close interaction with the orthopedic residency as a supplement to the sports medicine element provides an eclectic experience that is unique to the program.
    photo coming soon
  • Tony Trinh, PT, DPT | Class of 2019

    Undergraduate school: University of British Columbia, B.S. in Biology
    Graduate school: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hometown: Bellevue, WA
    Professional interests: sports rehab, return to play, sports performance, injury prevention
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: The program is really dedicated to the development of the residents. Everything from the courses and conferences we get to attend, to the integration with the orthopaedic residency program, there is a tremendous amount of resources at our disposal. The new partnership with the IMG Academy shows how the program is continuing to evolve and grow, striving to provide an even better experience for incoming residents.
    What I like about Baltimore: Crab cakes and football.
    photo coming soon
  • Larisa Trach, PT, DPT, CSCS | Class of 2019

    Undergraduate school: University of Maryland, College Park, B.S. in Biology with specialization in physiology and neurobiology
    Graduate school: University of Maryland, Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hometown: Rockville, MD
    Professional interests: sports rehabilitation, orthopedics, concussions
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: The program provides unique opportunities to further my knowledge and experience in sport-specific rehabilitation. Through the partnerships with the University of Southern California and the IMG Academy, Johns Hopkins can offer invaluable experiences not offered by other programs. The residency directors, mentors and faculty are extremely knowledgeable and invested in the residents' success. I knew I would gain the most experience and receive the highest education from qualified professionals by participating in this program.
    What I like about Baltimore: crabs, National Aquarium, Light City Festival, Orioles; there’s always something going on!
    photo coming soon
  • John Shipley, PT, DPT | Class of 2018

    Undergraduate school: Geneva College, B.S. in Biology
    Graduate school: University of Delaware, Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hometown: Glen Arm, MD
    Professional interests: sports medicine, youth sports injury prevention, community wellness and persistent pain
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: Johns Hopkins was a perfect fit in terms of location, patient population, professional environment and academic focus. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and grow at a world-renowned institution under a supportive leadership team. 
    What I like about Baltimore: Baltimore is my hometown, so I love it for that. It's a city with a deep history of excellence in art, academics and athletics, and I enjoy getting to be a part of its future. Oh, and you definitely can’t find a better crab cake anywhere in America outside of Baltimore.
    portrait of John Shipley
  • Patrick Griffin, PT, DPT, SCS | Class of 2017

    Read Q&A with Patrick about his experience in the program.
    Undergraduate school: Ithaca College, B.S. in Clinical Health Studies
    Graduate school: Ithaca College, Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Hometown: Clarks Summit, PA
    Professional interests: sports injuries, sports performance, orthopedics, return to play, overhead athletes, injury prevention
    Why I chose Johns Hopkins: I was excited to be the inaugural resident and help build the program. Being the first, I knew it would come with some “growing pains,” but it also gave the opportunity to develop and grow the residency once completed. 
    What I like about Baltimore: There is always something to do. Whether it be going to an Orioles game, hiking, golfing, going to one of the many amazing restaurants the city has to offer, or simply just walking along the harbor and catching some of the views — it’s a really cool place to live.
    portrait of Patrick Griffin
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