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#everyBODYmoves Campaign Toolkit

The #everyBODYmoves Mobility-a-Thon is a campaign to engage your clinical staff in improving mobility across the hospital. Your hospital’s culture, current implementation of mobility efforts and other factors will determine how you approach your campaign. We have put together this toolkit to help you successfully run your own Mobility-a-Thon.

Toolkit materials are available for free and can be reproduced, changed or used for inspiration, unless otherwise stated on the license included with the file.

In the Toolkit:

These tools and resources are valuable in helping you build and plan your #everyBODYmoves Mobility-a-Thon Campaign.

  • There are many components to the Mobility-a-Thon. Take the time to determine what will work best for your institution and how to best keep your teams aligned on the schedule and tasks.

    Download the sample campaign timeline (PDF)

  • This huddle agenda sample covers a 15-20 minute #everyoBODYmoves Mobility-a-Thon campaign kickoff meeting that can be conducted in person or virtually.

    Download the sample agenda (PDF)

    Who should be included in the planning?

    As you are thinking through who to involve in your campaign, consider these two groups and what they can do:


    Hospital and Department Ambassadors
    Nurses, physicians rehabilitation clinicians and administrative staff can:
    • Interface with other participating organizations
    • Identify resources for promotion and messaging
    • Gain buy-in and support from key stakeholders
    • Provide updates to leadership
    • Support event logistics and operations


    Unit-Based and Service-Based Advocates
    Frontline staff that can:
    • Drive creative engagement and help overcome barriers at the unit level
    • Assist in collecting success stories, best practices and promotional materials
    • Share successes through social media
  • One of the keys to a successful campaign is getting everyone excited and engaged in the effort. You can use these templates to create a variety of messages for your campaign and share them across your institution digitally or in print:

  • Our team has put together a variety of educational materials to help you foster the culture of mobility in your institution. You can print them in a any desired size or share them digitally across your teams.

    These materials are available under a creative commons license for non-commercial use. Learn more about the license terms. For questions about co-branding, please email [email protected].

    View #everyBODYmoves Resources

  • Competitions and challenges can be held before and during the event. They can involve members of the same team or teams across different units and departments. 

    Before the Event: Competitions can help create momentum in the time leading up to the campaign. Engaging your staff is a great way to ensure your campaign lives on as a grassroots staff activity. You can participate in competitions led by Johns Hopkins AMP, as well as plan similar contests within your institution, department or unit.

    View information about Johns Hopkins AMP pre-event competitions (PDF)

    During the Event: Keep the excitement going! Friendly competitions during the campaign will keep staff energized and make it fun to be involved.

    • Best Local Unit Campaign
      • Example: Unit Mobility Gameplaceholder text
    • Most retweeted/shared post on social media

    Coming soon: Johns Hopkins AMP #everyBODYmoves Mobility-a-Thon competitions.

  • Many organizations provide incentives tied to their campaign goals. A large budget is not necessary; there are many free or low-cost incentives you can offer to employees for participating in the campaign, such as:

    • A t-shirt or other branded company gear
    • Free lunch passes
    • Raffle tickets

    You can also produce a variety of promotional materials to keep the campaign top of mind and serve as incentives:

    • Mousepads
    • Pins/buttons
    • Lanyards
    • Pens

    You are welcome to use the #everyBODYmoves logo (.png or .jpg) on your promotional materials.

    EverybodyMoves pediatric doctors during a bingo night. Johns Hopkins pediatric therapists with their #everyBODYmoves swag (via @JHCCPedsRehab)

  • Help encourage participation in your campaign by having staff across different roles share what they do to increase patient mobility and decrease hospital harms. Make sure your clinical leadership is involved as well!

    Social Media Posts:


Create Your Own Mobility-a-Thon Campaign

Download a toolkit to start planning a campaign.

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