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Dysphonia Treatment: Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is an evidence-based treatment for improving vocal quality and function. Voice therapy involves you and your voice therapist working together to form and implement a plan that will help you reach your vocal goals. This plan typically consists of changes in vocal behaviors and lifestyle changes known as vocal hygiene, use of compensatory strategies, and an individualized exercise regimen that will teach you optimal vocal technique. It is our goal to eliminate harmful vocal behavior, shape healthy behavior, and assist in vocal fold wound healing after surgery or injury. It is the first line of treatment for many vocal problems and can also be used in conjunction with medical or surgical management of voice disorders to optimize outcomes.

Voice therapy typically requires four to six weekly sessions. Voice therapy takes commitment, but it can be highly effective with consistent, daily practice and adherence to recommendations made by your voice therapist. You will be provided with instructions from your voice therapist after every session, in either written or audio format.

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