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What to Expect at Your Voice Center Appointment

Each visit to the Voice Center begins with a thorough discussion about the history of your complaint. Please fill out the new patient health history form before you arrive for your appointment.

nurse and doctor at reception desk Learn more about what to expect at your Johns Hopkins Voice Center appointment.

Health History

During your visit, our team will ask a series of questions about your voice, swallowing or breathing problem. Some of these questions may include:

  • When did the problem start?
  • Did it start suddenly or gradually?
  • What specifically is different about your voice, swallowing or breathing?
  • What have you noticed makes your problem better?
  • What makes your problem worse?
  • What has been done to help your problem so far?
  • Are there results from tests or scans that we should know about?
  • How is your problem limiting your participation in your routine daily activities?

Your honest answers to these questions help us determine the cause, contributing factors, appropriate diagnosis, and potential treatment options.

Physical Exam

After discussing your health history, our team will perform a complete ear, nose and throat physical exam, along with a detailed examination of your throat and voice box if appropriate. This may require a placing a small flexible scope through one side of the nose or in your mouth.

If you are experiencing voice changes, a videostroboscopy is performed. A videostroboscopy is a diagnostic procedure that provides detailed visualization of the movement and vibration of the vocal cords. This technology allows precise diagnosis of small, subtle vocal fold abnormalities.

In addition to videostroboscopy, evaluation of your voice problem may involve acoustic and aerodynamic testing. Our team uses the Kay Pentax Computerized Speech Lab and Phonatory Aerodynamic System to objectively measure the sound and function of your voice. The results of this testing impacts your potential treatment and provides your treatment team with a way of measuring your progress in a more objective way.

Depending upon the working diagnosis, you may have blood drawn, imaging or a biopsy performed.

Request an Appointment

To request an appointment with the Johns Hopkins Voice Center, please call 443-997-6467. Find out which of our four Baltimore and Washington, DC area locations is most convenient for you.