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Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Center

The Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Center is at the leading edge of head and neck cancer treatment. You will benefit from the multidisciplinary care of head and neck surgeons, working together with medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists and speech language pathologists to address every aspect of your experience.

Every person — and every cancer — is unique. With that in mind, our team develops individualized approaches, working with the full array of medical and surgical methods, including traditional, endoscopic and robotic surgery, to address tumors.

Johns Hopkins is a leader in understanding what makes cancer work and how to stop it. Our researchers have made exciting progress in uncovering why tumors occur at a molecular level, which is essential to interrupting the cancer process and preventing head and neck cancers in future generations. 

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Oral and Head and Neck Cancer | What You Need to Know

Head and neck surgeon Christine Gourin and speech-language pathologist Rina Abrams, discuss your questions about head and neck cancer. Learn about the warning signs, treatments and rehabilitation following treatment (live recording).

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Meet Our Experts

Meet the specialists who have devoted their careers to caring for head and neck cancer patients.

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Conditions We Treat

Learn more about the conditions treated by our team at the Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Center.

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Appointments and Locations

Request an appointment with the Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Center and see which one of our four Baltimore locations is most convenient for you.

Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Center

Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Cancer Center and our head and neck multidisciplinary clinic.

Recurrent Tonsil Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation | Tom’s Story

After multiple surgeries and radiation therapy to treat his recurrent tonsil cancer, Tom was referred to Johns Hopkins. Learn how the head and neck cancer team worked with him to create an intensive surgical and rehabilitation plan that now allows him to enjoy his favorite activities again.