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Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon is a band of thick, fibrous tissue connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone. If the tendon fibers break completely or partially, it is called an Achilles tendon rupture or torn Achilles and may need immediate medical attention.

Torn Achilles Treatment: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

an illustration of an Achilles tendon rupture
  • Our foot and ankle specialists have treated patients with a wide range of complications and performed numerous surgeries for foot and ankle injuries.
  • They are experienced in nonsurgical treatments and can provide an evaluation and a second opinion if you are looking for nonsurgical options.
  • Whenever possible, our surgeons use minimally invasive surgery instead of the traditional open surgery to help you get back on your feet faster after an Achilles tendon rupture.
  • Our foot and ankle team provides excellent coordination of care, seamlessly guiding you toward recovery, from the orthopaedic consultation to treatment and physical therapy. 

Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment Options

Surgical Treatment

Some patients may benefit from surgery to repair a fully ruptured Achilles tendon. The goal of the surgery is to stitch the tendon back together. However, in some cases, the damaged part (or the entire tendon) may need to be removed and replaced with tissues taken from another area of your foot.

Nonsurgical Options

For other patients, it may be best to avoid surgery. Nonsurgical treatment for Achilles tendon rupture focuses on allowing the tendon to heal naturally while it’s immobilized in a boot. Early functional weight-bearing is a key part of Achilles tendon rehabilitation for surgical and nonsurgical management.

Consult an orthopaedic surgeon to determine which treatment approach will work best for you, based on your age, activity level and other factors.


Our Achilles Repair Specialists

You can rely on the expertise of our orthopaedic specialists to help you manage your Achilles tendon rupture.

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