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Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians


Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians

The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians (OJHP) coordinates the activities of the Clinical Practice Association, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians and all physicians now part of or joining Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), regardless of entity or location. OJHP ensures that the necessary resources and coordination are in place, allowing all physicians to better care for patients and support the mission of Johns Hopkins Medicine.


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Patient Education: The Right Materials at the Right Time

Johns Hopkins Medicine is expanding its patient education program, adding more videos and e-books while making it easier for clinicians to find useful materials and get them to patients.

Story Booth Invites People to Tell Their Health Care Experiences

A recording booth in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center is collecting patient and caregiver stories to create a searchable trove of audio files for patients and researchers.

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Johns Hopkins Clinical Connection

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Hear from and connect with Johns Hopkins health care professionals sharing insights on the latest clinical innovations and advances in patient care. Access videos, articles, news, clinical trials and much more.

Clinical Connection