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Spine Surgery Patient Stories

Pedro Gill

Thoracic Disc Herniation: Pedro's Story

Pedro Gil was hardly able to move before he came to Johns Hopkins. His thoracic herniated disc had calcified, turning to bone, and causing excruciating pain, weakness, numbness and even paralysis. Other doctors told Pedro he might never walk again. At Johns Hopkins, the message was different. Read Pedro's story.

Susan's headshot

Chordoma Spine Tumor: Susan's Story

Susan, a busy, active woman with no previous health problems, was shocked to be diagnosed with a rare spine tumor called a chordoma. Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Daniel Sciubba and a well-coordinated team helped her face the challenging surgery to address it. Read Susan's story.

Danica with Dr. Theodore

Complex Spine Reconstruction: Danica's Story

After an accident, Danica was left with metal rods stabilizing her spine. A fall left those rods broken and floating dangerously close to her brain stem. Danica and her family traveled from Ohio to Johns Hopkins for complex reconstruction surgery. Read Danica's story.

Schwannoma Tumor: Roderick Ball's Story

Diagnosed with a schwannoma tumor (schwannomatosis), Roderick Ball Jr., and his family came to Johns Hopkins to have the tumor, which had grown through his abdomen, lower back and spinal column, treated.

Spinal Cord Tumor (Schwannoma): Aaron's story

Aaron was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor pressing on his nerves, and was at risk for paralysis. Spine neurosurgeon Ali Bydon met with Aaron and together they chose a strategy.

Complex spine surgery: David's story

See how David was able to stand taller and return to an active life after two days of reconstructive spine surgery by Dr. Daniel Sciubba.

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