Comprehensive & compassionate care for people with MS

Experts at the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center provide targeted diagnosis and treatment for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). We know every person’s experience with MS is unique, so we design treatment plans that match each patient’s needs, lifestyle and health concerns, aiming to offer the right treatment at the right time. One of the largest clinical and research MS centers in the world, our center combines cutting-edge technology and research with a patient-first approach to care, with the ultimate goal of curing this disease.

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Our Approach to MS Treatment

We believe in a team approach. In addition to providing a comprehensive neurological evaluation and interpretation of MRI studies, we involve nursing, physical therapy and social work assessments as needed. This coordinated, comprehensive, multi-specialty approach helps us provide an accurate diagnosis, quality patient care and an effective treatment plan to help you manage MS long term.

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

The MS rehabilitation program complements neurological care by helping patients preserve and improve physical and mental abilities, as well as adapt to change in functioning. The rehabilitation team physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists, who work together to provide well-rounded care.

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Appointments and Referrals

Your fist visit will be at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center. Our team may refer you to other Johns Hopkins specialists for consultation or testing.

Multiple Sclerosis Research at Johns Hopkins

Hear from Dr. Peter Calabresi, director of the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center, what research is being done to develop new diagnostic and treatment options for MS.

Support the Johns Hopkins MS Center

Great progress has been made in the last decade in developing new treatments for MS. We are confident that future research will yield new breakthroughs and hope for people with MS. At Johns Hopkins, we strive to bring scientific research and discovery into clinical services to improve the lives of all patients. Our research continues thanks to support and generosity of people like you.