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Cerebrovascular Surgery

Surviving Stroke at a Young Age | Sam’s Story

In March 2020, 28-year-old Sam suffered a large ischemic stroke. After quickly seeking help at a local hospital where physicians consulted with Johns Hopkins stroke neurologist Mona Bahouth, Sam received the crucial tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and was flown to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for surgery to open the blocked blood vessel.

Maggie back on stage

Hemorrhagic Stroke and Facial Paralysis: Maggie’s Story

Maggie suffered a life-threatening stroke at age 33. Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Judy Huang performed surgery to stop the bleeding in Maggie’s brainstem. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery helped restore motion to her face. Read Maggie's story.

Brain Arteriovenous Malformation: William's Story

When William learned his headaches were caused by a complex AVM (arteriovenous malformation: an abnormal tangle of vessels in the brain) and multiple associated brain aneurysms, he traveled to The Johns Hopkins Hospital. After a series of intricate operations over five months to block blood vessels of the AVM, followed by a major brain surgery to remove the tangle itself, William is now back living his life to the fullest.

Laurie JeanAneurysm: Laurie's Story

When Laurie Jean Cannady faced surgery for a brain aneurysm, it felt like more than she could handle. But she found the treatment she needed, thanks to an innovative new procedure.

Read her story.

MollieMoyamoya: Mollie's Story

A stroke ended Mollie Hudson’s ski vacation in the French Alps and led to the discovery that she had moyamoya, a rare cerebrovascular disease.A second stroke two months later confirmed what was ahead for Mollie if she didn’t undergo the surgery needed to treat the rare condition.Neurosurgeon Judy Huang, M.D., and the team at the Johns Hopkins Cerebrovascular Center successfully treated her.

Read more.

Dr. Olachi Mezu's Story

Patient Dr Olachi Mezu suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm while traveling. When another hospital wanted to discharge her, she turned to Hopkins.

Lester Picker's Story

Dr. Rafael Tamargo "clips" an aneurysm on the ophthalmic nerve of patient Lester Picker, preventing it from rupturing.


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