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Electives in Neurosurgery

We are delighted that you are interested in joining the Department of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins as a medical student for either a sub-internship or a clinical elective in Neurosurgery.

In order to facilitate your experience with us, here is a brief introduction to the organization of our clinical activities.

We perform over 5,000 neurosurgical operations annually at 2 campuses. There are 4 adult services at the Johns Hopkins Hospital: “Walker,” “Dandy,” “Cushing” and “Brem,” each comprised of attendings from the Tumor, Spine, Vascular and Functional services. Each of these services is led by a Chief Resident and Junior Resident. The Pediatric Neurosurgery service is based at the Children's Medical and Surgical Center in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Visiting medical students may also rotate at The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campus, located 2 miles from the Johns Hopkins Hospital. There is a convenient shuttle bus between the two campuses.

All visiting medical students spend a total of four weeks working closely with the Johns Hopkins faculty and residents on these services. While on each service, the visiting medical student will participate in conferences, rounds, operating rooms, and outpatient clinics.

You will receive information regarding your rotation approximately one month before your arrival date.

Application for a sub-internship in neurosurgery must be coordinated through the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Registrar's Office.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact Colleen Hickson at with any questions.

Judy Huang, M.D.

Judy Huang, M.D.
Dr. Huang is the director of the neurosurgery residency program.

Timothy Witham, M.D.

Timothy Witham, M.D.
Dr. Witham is co-director of neurosurgery medical student education.

Al Cohen, M.D.

Alan Cohen, M.D.
Dr. Cohen is the co-director of neurosurgery medical student education.

Ali Bydon, M.D.

Ali Bydon, M.D.
Dr. Bydon is the co-director of neurosurgery medical student education.