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Pediatric Neurosurgery Center

If your child is facing a complex or serious neurological condition that requires surgery, expertise matters. Johns Hopkins’ Pediatric Neurosurgery Center is one of the top multidisciplinary centers of its kind, with the vast experience, skill, and advanced treatments that offer hope to children and their families.

We Are Here and Ready to Safely Care for You

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, your health and safety are our very highest priorities. We are ready to care for you and your family in our hospitals, surgery centers, and through in-person clinic and online video visits. Learn how we are keeping you safe and protected so that you can get the care you need.

How We Make Sure You Are Safe

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our doctors and care teams are taking extra precautions to make your visit as safe as possible.


Testing and Screening


Masks and Protective Equipment




Physical Distancing

Learn more about our COVID-19 safety precautions.

How to Schedule Your Appointment

Please have your medical records ready before calling to schedule.

In-Person Visits

If you are an existing patient and had an appointment that was postponed, our offices may contact you to reschedule. You can also call your doctor’s office or send a message via MyChart to discuss your healthcare needs so we can determine the appointment that is most appropriate. If you are a new patient, please contact us at the appropriate number below to schedule an in-person visit.
Learn more about in-person visits.

Elective Procedures

If you've been already scheduled for a procedure that had to be postponed, we will reach out to reschedule. If this is a new procedure, please contact us at 410-955-7337 to schedule a consultation.

Video Visits (Telemedicine)

Many new and existing Johns Hopkins patients have the option to have a video appointment (telemedicine) with their provider, depending on their healthcare need. If you don't have a device to use for a video visit, you and your provider may decide that a telephone call will meet your needs.
Learn more about video visits.

  • New Patients: 410-955-7337
    New patients are those who have not been previously seen by a provider at the Neurology or Neurosurgery Department, even if they've had appointments with other Johns Hopkins providers.
  • Existing Patients: Request an Appointment through MyChart
    Existing patients are those who have been seen by the departments before. Existing patients must have a MyChart account to schedule through MyChart or may otherwise need to call.
Neurosurgeons in the OR

Conditions We Treat

Whether your child is facing a common problem or a rare condition, our team can provide treatments based on new research.

Drs. Alan Cohen and Dody Robinson

Our Experts

From renowned surgeons to skilled nurses and advanced practitioners, your child’s team comprises world-class professionals.

Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Johns Hopkins Children's Center

If surgery is recommended, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center  provides an innovative environment for your child and your family.

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Request an Appointment: Please contact us at 410-955-7337.

A World-Class Center

Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins treats children from all over the world. We provide 24-hour inpatient care, emergency care and timely outpatient consultations for all aspects of neurological issues and concerns, whether your child is arriving from across town or from across the globe.

Craniosynostosis | Fitz’s Story

When Fitz was born, it was obvious that his skull was misshapen. By 5 weeks old, Fitz had been diagnosed with craniosynostosis, and his parents met with pediatric neurosurgeon Eric Jackson. Watch to learn about the minimally invasive surgery performed by Jackson, which combined with a helmet is helping Fitz’s skull grow in a normal shape. 

Keturah's Story | Spinal Subtraction Surgery

Born with spina bifida and tethered spinal cord, Keturah had a childhood of multiple spinal surgeries, many hospital stays and severe pain. As a young adult, she did not expect to find a specialist who could offer a novel solution — and essentially change the course of her life.

Declan's Story | Pediatric Brain Tumor

Five-year-old Declan had an MRI to monitor a growth hormone deficiency. Afterward, his parents got shocking news: The scan showed Declan had a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor. The family found themselves at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where Declan had brain surgery the next day.

Ryan during physical therapy

Surgical Approach Saves Teen from Lifetime of Violent Seizures: Ryan's Story

At the age of 3, Ryan began experiencing shaking in his right left, which his family jokingly called his "wiggly leg." He was later diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy that left him bound to a wheelchair. Fortunately, a new diagnosis and treatment plan would eventually leave his wheelchair collecting dust.

Read more.

In the News

Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgeons Save Teen with Screw in Skull

While building a treehouse, 13-year-old Darius fell and his skull was pierced by a six-inch screw attached to a board. He was air-lifted to The Johns Hopkins Hospital with the board still adhered to his head and the screw dangerously close to a delicate structure in his brain. Drs. Shenandoah Robinson and Alan Cohen performed the life-saving surgery on the teen. Read more.

Ryan's Story

Pediatric neurologist Sarah Kelley and pediatric neurosurgeon Shenandoah “Dody” Robinson helped a young man recover from debilitating, drug-resistant epilepsy.
Read more.

Pediatric NeuroNews

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Comprehensive Care for Pediatric Epilepsy
Drs. Shenandoah “Dody” Robinson and Sarah Kelley are among a multidisciplinary team of experts treating pediatric epilepsy. The group includes neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, dietitians, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and pediatric epileptologists.

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Whether you're crossing the country or the globe, we make it easy to access world-class care at Johns Hopkins.

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