Patient Stories

Pediatric Brain Tumor | Declan's Story

Five-year-old Declan had an MRI to monitor a growth hormone deficiency. Afterward, his parents got shocking news: The scan showed Declan had a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor. The family found themselves at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where Declan had brain surgery the next day.

Spinal Subtraction Surgery | When Less Offers More

Born with spina bifida and tethered spinal cord, Keturah had a childhood of multiple spinal surgeries, many hospital stays and severe pain. As a young adult, she did not expect to find a specialist who could offer a novel solution — and essentially change the course of her life.

  • Hemangioblastoma Spine Tumor | Bridget’s Story

    After an MRI revealed a large hemangioblastoma tumor on her spinal cord, Bridget and her family came to Johns Hopkins for care. There, a multidisciplinary team assembled to get Bridget back on the soccer field.

    Bridget in an exam room
  • Chiari Malformation | Adelynn's Story

    As a baby, Adelynn was diagnosed with a Chiari malformation that was interfering with her ability to eat, sleep and breathe. Her family made the trip from South Carolina to Johns Hopkins.

    Adelynn smiling in front of the ocean
  • Surgical Approach Saves Teen from Lifetime of Violent Seizures | Ryan's Story

    At the age of 3, Ryan began experiencing shaking in his right leg. He was later diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy that left him bound to a wheelchair. Fortunately, a new diagnosis and treatment plan would eventually leave his wheelchair collecting dust.

    Ryan speaking with Drs. Kelly and Robinson
  • Complex Spinal Reconstruction | Danica's Story

    Diagnosed with a chiari malformation and atlas assimilation as a toddler, Danica underwent surgery at a very young age to prevent further damage to her brain and spine. But when the internal support structure broke, it threatened her life.

    Danica smiling outdoors with bright green plants in the background