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The Headache Center

The Johns Hopkins Headache Center is committed to headache research and providing individualized care to select patients with headaches or facial pain disorders. 

Our main goal at the Johns Hopkins Headache Center is to investigate causes and therapies and provide interventions that can improve our patients’ quality of life.

Taking Headaches Seriously

Although most headaches are not life threatening and cannot be identified from a brain scan or blood test, we take them seriously.

Headaches may cause substantial discomfort, and may severely affect an individual’s ability to perform at work or at school, enjoy family and social events or even carry on normal daily activities. 

Our team of experts collaborates to diagnose and provide pain management for primary headaches such as migraines as well as those caused by underlying medical conditions that may require prompt diagnosis and treatment. 

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The Johns Hopkins Headache Center is conveniently located at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

NOTE: We are currently accepting new pediatric patients. New adult patient appointments are not available at this time.