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Ependymomas in Children

What is an ependymoma?

Ependymomas are also glial cell tumors. They usually develop in the lining of the ventricles (passageways in the brain) or in the spinal cord. The most common place they are found in children is near the cerebellum.

Ependymomas often blocks the flow of the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid, which bathes the brain and spinal cord), causing increased intracranial pressure. Ependymomas can be slow growing, compared to other brain tumors, but may recur after treatment is completed.

Recurring ependymomas:

Recurrence of ependymomas results in a more invasive tumor with more resistance to treatment. About 8-10% of tumors in children are ependymomas, which can also occur in the spine. They are most likely to occur about the age of five. Ependymomas range from low-grade to high-grade tumors.

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