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Pediatric Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Center

Brain tumors are the second most common type of cancer in children, accounting for about 21% of childhood cancers. Children of all ages can develop brain tumors, but they occur more often in those under the age of seven.

In general, children often have a better chance of surviving brain tumors than adults. Surgery is the most common treatment for these children.

Tumors may also occur in the spinal cord. Spinal cord tumors are less common than brain tumors and tend to occur in older children.

Types of Tumors

We treat a variety of pediatric tumors. Learn about the types of tumors common in children.

More information about brain and spinal cord tumors in children

Learn about diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors in children at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center.

For more information, contact the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Brain Tumor Center at 410-955-7337.

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