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The Aneurysm Center

The Johns Hopkins Aneurysm Center is dedicated to providing the best prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care for patients with aneurysms. We have expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of aneurysms, including ruptured aneurysms and unruptured aneurysms, and are the leaders in treatment of complex aneurysm recurrences.

Brianna, smiling in recovery

Brain Aneurysm | Brianna's Story

California teenager Brianna Atkins faced the reality of a life-threatening brain aneurysm with little hope for treatment options. Neurosurgeon Alexander Coon, M.D. drew upon his expertise to provide a unique method for treatment.He used an innovative, minimally invasive flow diversion approach that gave Brianna the chance to lead a normal life. Read her story.


Portrait of Laurie Jean Cannady

Brain Aneurysm | Laurie Jean's Story

Laurie Jean Cannady learned at a young age that when life is hard, there are always options to help overcome troubles. When she faced surgery for a brain aneurysm, it felt like more than she could handle. But she found the options she needed, thanks to an innovative new procedure. Read her story.



Individualized Treatment
You can have confidence in our surgeons, who are skilled in new, sophisticated procedures designed to manage brain aneurysms of all sizes and types.
Our Team
Experts in surgery, medicine, nursing and allied health focus on a cooperative, multi-disciplinary approach for every aspect of your care.
Advanced Research
Every treatment you receive is based on solid science. Our research studies are discovering improved diagnosis, treatment and recovery with every patient in mind.

Brain Aneurysms: FAQs with Raphael Tamargo, M.D.

Neurosurgeon Rafael Tamargo, M.D., Director of Johns Hopkins' Aneurysm Center, explains what a brain aneurysm is, what steps to take if you have this diagnosis, available surgical options and anticipated outcomes from each surgical option.

Doorway to Discovery: Shifting the Vasospasm Paradigm

Rafael Tamargo, M.D. discusses his research on a new paradigm of inflammatory injury after bleeding in the brain.

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