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Welcome Dr. Elliott Exar

Dr. Elliott Exar

Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology and Howard County General Hospital are pleased to welcome new sleep medicine specialist Elliott Exar, M.D. Dr. Exar’s clinical focus is sleep disorders, including treatment of sleep apnea and related conditions.

Meet Dr. Exar


Patient Stories


Stroke | Amy's Story

At just 47 years old, Amy wasn't expecting a stroke would leave her unable to identify or communicate with her own family members.

Brain Tumor | Declan’s Story

Five-year-old Declan had an MRI to monitor a growth hormone deficiency. Afterward, his parents got shocking news: The scan showed Declan had a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor.

Craniosynostosis | Fitz’s Story

When Fitz was born, it was obvious that his skull was misshapen. By 5 weeks old, Fitz had been diagnosed with craniosynostosis.


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