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Core Mission

Cognitive impairment in HIV-infected individuals remains a significant problem despite antiretroviral therapy. Biomarker discovery coupled with demographic, clinical, psychiatric, and cognitive testing data provides a powerful approach to identify putative mechanisms for cognitive dysfunction in people living with HIV. Ultimately these biomarkers may be used to predict cognitive impairment and to monitor the effects of interventional therapies in people living with HIV.

Unique Value of the Core

The JH-CAHN Biomarker core works closely with the clinical core to uncover mechanistic markers of cognitive impairment in people living with HIV. We aim to facilitate your research journey. Benefit from our expertise in uncovering patterns and correlations within your samples, sparking hypotheses that drive the next phase of your research.


Core Resources

Custom immune analyte assessment: Our team will work with you to design, run, and analyze custom immune analyte panels for humans, mice and non-human primate samples (plasma, CSF, etc). We use the highly sensitive and adaptable Meso Scale Discovery UPLEX technology and can currently measure any of the analytes listed here: MSD UPLEX Product Information

Current instrumentation: MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM


Custom immunophenotyping: Our team will work with you to design, run, and analyze custom flow cytometry panels to assess immune cell markers on HIV related PBMC and single cell tissue samples.

Current instrumentation: BD LSRFortessa™ Cell Analyzer with 14 color capacity


HIV reservoir analysis: Our team will work with you to determine the type of reservoir assay needed to assess your specific sample type, and best answer your reservoir related question. Currently in house we have optimized quantitative viral outgrowth, DNA and RNA assays for CD4 T cells and myeloid cells from people with HIV and SIV infected macaques.


Data-Driven Biomarker Insights: Harness the power of our cutting-edge data analysis techniques to extract meaningful insights from your biomarker data. Our skilled team of data scientists employs sophisticated algorithms and statistical methods to uncover correlations, patterns, and potential biomarker signatures.


Customized Bioinformatics Solutions: Tailored to meet the demands of your research, our bioinformatics solutions complement a variety of biomarker data types, including genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. We help you navigate the complexity of biological systems to derive actionable results through interactive and reproducible report generation.


Interactive Data Visualization: Transform complex datasets into clear and engaging visuals with our interactive data visualization tools. Communicate your findings effectively, facilitating better comprehension and knowledge dissemination.


Unleash Hypothesis-generating Insights: Our advanced data analysis techniques and implemented machine learning methods aim to generate hypotheses that guide further research investigations. We excel in revealing hidden associations within biomarker data, sparking new avenues of exploration. It is crucial to note that our analyses are exploratory in nature, focusing on identifying correlations, patterns, and potential biomarker signatures.


Mentorship on Analysis: As part of our commitment to advancing scientific understanding, we offer mentorship on data analysis. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a student entering the field, our team provides guidance and support to enhance your skills in biomarker data analysis. Engage in mentorship sessions with our experts, receiving guidance on data analysis techniques and best practices. We are dedicated to supporting your growth as a researcher.

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