Development Core

Core Mission

The core mission of the Development Core is to identify and support innovative research projects that address the most urgent problems in the area of neuroHIV research. The Core promotes hypothesis driven, high-risk, high-impact neuroHIV research with aims relevant to the mission of NIMH. Funding opportunities are provided annually to new and established investigators who will use the funds to generate data for use in applying for NIH and other peer funding.

Unique Value of the Core

A significant challenge for young investigators is often getting the first large NIH grant to establish and further their independent careers. The Development Core leverages existing online grant submission dashboard to enhance mentorship, grantsmanship skills and career progress monitoring. In collaboration with the Clinical Core, the Development Core also provides training and opportunity for NeuroHIV basic science researchers to gain expertise in speaking about their work with community stakeholders invested in ending stigma around CNS complications in PWH.

Core Resources

Pilot Grants and Micro Grants