First Year Curriculum

During the first year, fellows are immersed in clinical nephrology training to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills required to become an outstanding clinical nephrologist.  Through clinical experiences in the first year, fellows become proficient in the evaluation and management of the full spectrum of renal medicine, interpretation of urine sediment, renal replacement therapy, placement and management of temporary vascular catheters, and performance of percutaneous native and transplant kidney biopsies.  The foundations of scholarly practice are built, clinical reasoning skills are honed, and longitudinal mentorship relationships are established.     

First year fellows participate in five consultative inpatient services, nephrology continuity clinic, and electives at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.  The table is informative only, and rotations are distributed throughout the year.

Inpatient Consults – JHH5 months
Inpatient Consults – Bayview2 months
Transplant2 months
Night float (6 nights per week)1 month
Elective / POCUS1 month
RRT week1 week
Outpatient Continuity Clinic½ day per week
Vacation1 month

Second Year Curriculum

The 2nd year of fellowship has an increased focus on the ambulatory practice of Nephrology, scholarly development, and career planning. This year is highly customizable based on the chosen career tract. Fellows may pursue graduate work in the School of Public Health, pursue formal training in Clinical Education, enter a basic science research lab, or prepare for a private practice career. 

Research8-9 months
Consult1.5 months
Night float
(6 nights per week)
1 – 1.25 months
Hemodialysis10 months
Peritoneal dialysis9 months
Home HD2 months
Subspecialty Clinics2 months
(1/2 day for 4 days/week)
Toxicology1 week
Continuity Clinic½ day per week
National Conference Attendance0.5+ months
Vacation1 month