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Med-Peds Residents

Interns (PGY-1)

Martha Brucato

Martha Brucato

Hometown: Sterling, VA
Medical School: Johns Hopkins
For fun I: powerlift, hike and collect stamps for my National Parks Passport, work on my house, cook
Favorite things about Baltimore: my neighbors, Patterson Park, the Waterfront Promenade, Ekiben, Dooby's, Bmore Licks, Ceremony Coffee, the JFX Farmer's Market, the rowhouses
Career Interests: primary care for patients with chronic disease, transitions from pediatric to adult care, Sickle Cell Disease, medical education, physician wellness

Julie Gonzalez

Julie Gonzalez

Hometown: Rancho Mirage, CA (Southern California)
Medical School: Harvard Medical School
For fun I: I enjoy being outdoors (sitting in the park, lying by a pool, hiking, hanging on my rooftop deck), hanging out with friends, exploring new restaurants, boxing, painting, taking naps. 
Favorite things about Baltimore: Walks around the inner harbor, amazing (and affordable!) restaurants/bars, the diversity of people, incredible street art, being a short walk away from most of my friends’ houses/apartments, and all the rooftop decks. 
Career Interests: Primary care for children/adults (and their families) with disabilities and/or complex health care needs, health disparities and social determinants of health, family-centered primary care, health systems, health policy and advocacy, medical education. 

Katie Hesselton

Katie Hesselton

Hometown: Baltimore
Medical School: Loyola University Chicago
For fun I: I enjoy baking, reading, gardening, photography, exploring new places
Favorite things about Baltimore: Being right on the water, the neighborhoods and various festivals, great food, interesting people
Career Interests:​ Care for medically complex children and adults, primary care, access to care, advocacy

Paul Loeser

Paul Loeser

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
For fun I: spend time with my wife, run, play soccer, roast coffee, drink coffee, follow the Premier League, travel 
Favorite things about Baltimore: parks, the harbor, neighborhoods, food scene, diversity, sports, unique linguistics 
Career interests: primary care for patients with sickle cell, pediatric to adult transition for patients with chronic diseases, urban health, public health, GIS mapping 

Assistant Residents (PGY-2)


Jaime La Charite

Hometown: Corona, CA (Southern Cali)

Medical School: University of California, Irvine (UCI)

For fun I: I enjoy playing with my son, going on family trips/adventures, eating good ethnic food, photography, hiking, traveling, horseback riding, trying new things, hanging out with friends

Favorite things about Baltimore: So many unique and interesting neighborhoods, diverse, great food, easy to get around, beautiful historic buildings, proximity to D.C., Philly, and NYC, the festivals, green beautiful areas within and near the city.

Career interests: Primary care, healthcare for under-resourced urban communities, immigrant and Latino populations, advocacy, healthcare policy, public health, health disparities and community participatory research, transitions of care.



Kevin Klembczyk

Hometown: Voorheesville, NY
Medical School: Columbia University
For fun I: read and write, play basketball, spend time with friends, curate my twitter feed, question systems

Favorite things about Baltimore: street art, friendly and real people, coffee, southern warmth with northeast hustle

Career interests: primary care in disadvantaged communities, activism


Jessie Calihan

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

For fun I: spend time outside running, hiking, & skiing, explore new restaurants (especially on the water!), love black-and-white (now Berger!) cookies, relax with friends and family

Favorite things about Baltimore: running along the harbor, the diverse neighborhoods and amazing architecture, Old Bay, the monument, hearing church bells from my apartment

Career interests: primary care for underserved families, adolescent medicine, building community partnerships to improve health, human rights & social justice in medicine



Christine Krueger

Hometown: Baltimore

Medical School: Brown

For fun I: I enjoy running (with my daughter in tow in our jogging stroller!) in Patterson Park or around the waterfront promenade, exploring Baltimore restaurants and museums, finding snowball stands, and sailing on the Chesapeake bay.

Favorite things about Baltimore: The food (steamed crabs!), the climate, the diversity, abundance of family-friendly activities, and being on the water!

Career interests: Primary care for underserved children and adults, general internal medicine, health policy and advocacy, adolescent health


Senior Assistant Residents (PGY-3)


Brittany Badesch, MD

Hometown: Denver, CO

Medical School: University of Colorado

For fun I: I enjoy spending time with my pug dog, exploring new restaurants, eating brunch, ice cream (really any food, any time) running, walking, painting, doing Tae Kwon Do, anything outdoors

Favorite things about Baltimore: vibrant, diverse city with so many different areas to explore, the harbor (loveeee walking my dog around the water), super delicious brunch spots

Career interests:  Primary Care for urban underserved populations, primary care for children and adults with disabilities and complex health care needs over the lifetime, transitions of care from pediatric to adult medicine; health disparities research, medical education


Jessica Ratner, MD

Potomac, MD

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania

For fun I: explore new restaurants/neighborhoods/parks, cook, spend time outside with my enthusiastic dog (hiking, running, swimming), travel to Latin America

Favorite things about Baltimore: quality crab cakes every where you turn, how everyone pronounces it "Baldimore," quirky neighborhoods with great restaurants, how friendly people are, Maryland flag pride, unique festivals and traditions, dogs everywhere, and the energy around improving urban health

Career interests:  working with underserved families, health behavior change, addiction, advocacy and community partnership



Harita Shah, MD

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Medical School: Johns Hopkins

For fun I: explore the city, paint, dance to Indian or Salsa music, think it's never too early to plan a Halloween costume

Favorite things about Baltimore: the diversity, the neighborhoods, quirky traditions, water everywhere!

Career interests:  Primary care for immigrant and underserved families, access to care, and medical education. My current project is "Solo Se Vive Una Vez": a public health campaign to improve access to HIV testing among Latinx in Baltimore (


Cooper Llyod, MD

Boston, MD

Medical School: Vanderbilt

For fun I: run, hike, play fiddle and bagpipes, try new restaurants and coffee shops

Favorite things about Baltimore: ​rowhouses and roof decks, the harbor, the farmer's market, the mixture of Northern and Southern influences, the loyalty residents feel to the city

Career interests:  public health and primary care


Super Senior Assistant Residents (PGY-4)


Justin Berk, MD

Hometown: Amarillo, TX

Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

For fun I: spend time with friends, read, run along the harbor, drink diet mountain dew

Favorite things about Baltimore: tangible feel of community, the ease of getting around, relentless pride in the Orioles, Old Bay seasoning, lower-tier beer, and chocolate covered Berger cookies

Career interests:  working with underserved populations, medical education, public health policy, clinic management, becoming Lenny Feldman


Zachary Gitlin, MD

St. Louis, Missouri

Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

For fun I: Stubbornly bike commute everywhere, cook endlessly, try to impress my wife, try to make my son laugh, read out loud, and talk to my dogs.

Favorite things about Baltimore: Canton's canopy of roof-decks, the Enoch-Pratt Central Library, the Patterson Park Pool, the sub-83 farmer's market, Justin Berk's puns, Seffy Muller's dry wit, Robin Ortiz's height, and Lenny Feldman's outbursts of laughter.

Career interests: Full spectrum primary care. Integrative medicine for underserved communities. Physician resilience.


Seffy Muller, MD

Silver Spring, MD

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

For fun I: play basketball/volleyball, watch basketball/volleyball, play board games, bar trivia

Favorite things about Baltimore: the aquarium!  Playing pick up in Patterson Park

Career interests: Med-Peds Urban Health Primary Care wasn't enough, huh? I want to work in the community health clinic.  I'm going to take advantage of the MPH program and I may pursue health system management.



Robin Ortiz, MD

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Medical School:  Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

For fun I: dance, cook, enjoy the sun and outdoors (biking, hiking, beach), spend time with friends and family near and far (I also love to travel), and do any of the above with my dog by my side

Favorite things about Baltimore: the diversity of people, neighborhoods and sometimes quirky events, the opportunities for community partnerships, how dog friendly it is, the manageability of the city, the awesome farmer's market, and the proximity to other east coast cities and highlights

Career interests:  preventive, lifestyle and integrative medicine through primary care, public health research and initiatives, and academic medicine all under the umbrella of understanding and optimizing biopsychosocial influences on health and disease (psychoneuroimmunology research)