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Med-Peds Residents

Interns (PGY-1)

  • Joniqua Ceasar

    Hometown: Houston, Texas
    Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
    For fun I: love dancing (bachata/salsa/anything really) and live music/concerts, collect plants, enjoy yoga and group fitness, go thrifting and experiment with DIY projects and gifts, read historical fiction
    Favorite things about Baltimore: the cool street art, its rich history and unique neighborhoods, the greenspace and access to hiking, its many festivals, the farmers markets, being close to DC, Philly and NYC
    Career Interests: primary care for historically marginalized populations, community medicine & engagement, racism & health equity, health policy
    Talk to me about: moving to a new state during a pandemic, being a Black woman and Christian in medicine, community-based participatory research, fashion, photography, the Umbrella Academy
    Joniqua Ceasar
  • Sophie Crinion

    Hometown: San Jose, CA
    Medical School: UCSF School of Medicine
    For fun I: llike to be outside – hiking, running, biking, strolling in the park! I also enjoy playing Hamilton on repeat, plant shopping with Joniqua, pretending I know how to paint and spending time with my family and friends (virtually or IRL)!
    Favorite things about Baltimore: So many beautiful parks both in the city and within a short drive, super friendly people, neighborhoods that all have their own feel to them, the vibrant community
    Career Interests: Botany – wait, just kidding. I am interested in primary care for underserved communities as well as medical education, health care for the homeless and addiction medicine.
    Talk to me about: Any of the above, moving from the west coast, having a partner who isn’t in medicine, and smuggling proper Cadbury's in from across the pond Email:
    Sophie Crinion
  • Christle Nwora

    Hometown: Murphy, Texas
    Medical School: BMcGovern Medical School, UT Houston
    For fun I: enjoy boxing, participating in running challenges with my cousins, taking spinning classes, scrolling on #medtwitter, recommending podcasts to friends and watching classic Black sitcoms like 227
    Favorite things about Baltimore: Running alongside the Inner Harbor, Green Space, Rich and vibrant communities, Street Art
    Career Interests: Primary Care, Diversity in Medical Education, Health Equity and Community Engagement
    Talk to me about: Being a Black woman in medicine, leaving home
    Christle Nwora
  • Urveel Shah

    Hometown: Morton Grove, IL
    Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine
    For fun I: Watch baseball (Go White Sox!), make pizza, try new vegetarian/vegan recipes, watch and discuss movies, explore Baltimore through walking, go down YouTube rabbit holes
    Favorite things about Baltimore: amazing green spaces, walking along the harbor, finding new restaurants, the temperate climate
    Career Interests: primary care for underserved patients, medical education, low cost primary care interventions, motivational interviewing and goal setting
    Talk to me about: moving away from home for the first time
    Urveel Shah

Junior Residents (PGY-2)

  • Joan Park

    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    For fun I: thrift both clothes and furniture, listen to podcasts (This American Life or true crime or anything NPR), go on long road trips and long walks, make crafty cards and presents
    Favorite things about Baltimore: the many quirky neighborhoods, learning about the strange things that Baltimoreans are proud of
    Career Interests: primary care to overcome health disparities, immigrant communities, reconciliation
    Talk to me about:Living far from family/friends (and finding new community/family here), faith/church, best thrift stores in the area, Tupac, skin care
    Joan Park
  • Michael Rose

    Hometown: Lynchburg, North Dakota
    Medical School: University of Minnesota
    For fun I: Canoe, fish, hunt, hike, run, write, read, play cards, watch the West Wing, listen to Hamilton, and interact on #medtwitter
    Favorite things about Baltimore: affordable living, walks/runs along the harbor, crab stuffed soft pretzels, and Bmore Licks ice cream
    Career Interests: Health Policy, Global Health, Primary Care, Clinical Problem Solving, and MedIcal Education
    Talk to me about: Medical Podcasting / Twitter; Global Health Opportunities; Moonlighting Options; Writing; Outdoor activities near Baltimore
    Michael Rose
  • Amitte Rosenfeld

    Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
    Medical School: Yale School of Medicine
    For fun I: experiment with new vegetarian recipes, go for runs by the water, play scrabble and other board games, go hiking and camping
    Favorite things about Baltimore: Wandering around all the different neighborhoods, quirky museums and festivals, how walkable and bikeable it is, fantastic local restaurants and even better ice cream
    Career Interests: Primary care for families in under-resourced communities, advocacy and organizing to reduce health disparities, partnership building to enable healthier communities, medical education
    Talk to me about: Outdoor activities around Baltimore, moving to Baltimore single, the best ice cream in Baltimore (and the many options)
    Amitte Rosenfeld
  • Lindsay Sheets

    Hometown: Mobile, AL
    Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
    For fun I: To illustrate what I like to do for fun, I'll paint a picture of my perfect day. I'd begin with an early morning HIIT group workout class at the gym, followed by a trip to the farmers market with friends. Next, I'd head to a state park or woodsy area for a hike and some sunshine and then swing by an art museum or two for some quiet afternoon hours by myself. After a full day of activities, I'd come home and make a charcuterie board and some adult beverages to enjoy with friends over any of the excellent tv shows included within ABC's The Bachelor franchise. After two hours of drama, laughter, and love, we'd head out as a group to dance to music from the years 2004-2012 until the wee hours of the morning (but not that wee, because 2AM is my absolute limit).
    Favorite things about Baltimore: Finally living on the water again! B'More Licks, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, the crazy amount of festivals and local activities going on each weekend, the pristine white steps of the row homes, and (MOST OF ALL) the new friends I've made in Med-Peds! Shout out to Mike, Amitte, and Joan for quickly becoming my family away from home here in Baltimore!
    Career Interests: My two greatest clinical interest are complex care and healthcare for patients experiencing homelessness. I also aim to incorporate routine participation in healthcare advocacy and policy-making, both on a local and national level, into my career.
    Talk to me about: homeless healthcare, making strong communities of friends within the categorical programs, embracing differences between medicine and peds cultures, ways to maximize your time at Patterson Park, day/weekend trips to awesome cities in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, Baltimore and DC museums
    Lindsay Sheets

Senior Residents (PGY-3)

  • Martha Brucato

    Hometown: Sterling, VA
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins
    For fun I: powerlift, hike and collect stamps for my National Parks Passport, work on my house, cook, walk my dog, eat delicious foods with friends
    Favorite things about Baltimore: my neighbors, Patterson Park, the Waterfront Promenade, Ekiben, Dooby's, Bmore Licks, Ceremony Coffee, the JFX Farmer's Market, the rowhouses
    Career Interests: Sickle Cell Disease, critical care, addiction medicine, transitions from pediatric to adult care, medical education, physician wellness
    Talk to me about: owning a home, having a partner with a career outside of medicine, medical education and podcasts, deadlifting, getting your X waiver and joining the Buprenorphine Bridge Team
    Martha Brucato
  • Julie Gonzalez

    Hometown: Rancho Mirage, CA (Southern California)
    Medical School: Harvard Medical School
    For fun I: I enjoy being outdoors (sitting in the park, lying by a pool, hiking, hanging on my rooftop deck), hanging out with friends, exploring new restaurants, boxing, painting, taking naps.
    Favorite things about Baltimore: Walks around the inner harbor, amazing (and affordable!) restaurants/bars, the diversity of people, incredible street art, being a short walk away from most of my friends’ houses/apartments, and all the rooftop decks.
    Career Interests: Primary care for children/adults (and their families) with disabilities and/or complex health care needs, health disparities and social determinants of health, family-centered primary care, health systems, health policy and advocacy, medical education.
    Talk to me about: Buying a home in Baltimore, fun weekend trips to take near Baltimore, making friends within the categorical programs, coffee scene in Baltimore
    Julie Gonzalez
  • Katie Hesselton

    Hometown: Baltimore
    Medical School: Loyola University Chicago
    For fun I: I enjoy baking, reading, gardening, photography, exploring new places
    Favorite things about Baltimore: Being right on the water, the neighborhoods and various festivals, great food, interesting people
    Career Interests:​ Undecided
    Talk to me about: Buying a home in Baltimore, things to do in the surrounding areas, pets in residency, making bread/pasta!
    Katie Hesselton
  • Paul Loeser

    Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
    Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
    For fun I: spend time with my wife, run, play soccer, roast coffee, drink coffee, follow the Premier League, travel
    Favorite things about Baltimore: parks, the harbor, neighborhoods, food scene, diversity, sports, unique linguistics
    Career interests: primary care for patients with sickle cell, pediatric to adult transition for patients with chronic diseases, urban health, public health, primary care for patients living with HIV
    Talk to me about: having children during residency, HIV primary care, Christian fellowship during residency, Ekiben
    Paul Loeser

Super Senior Residents (PGY-4)

  • Jaime La Charite

    Hometown: Corona, CA (Southern Cali)
    Medical School: University of California, Irvine (UCI)
    For fun I: I enjoy playing with my kids, going on family trips/adventures, eating good ethnic food, photography, hiking, traveling, horseback riding, trying new things, hanging out with friends
    Favorite things about Baltimore: So many unique and interesting neighborhoods, diverse, great food, easy to get around, beautiful historic buildings, proximity to D.C., Philly, and NYC, the festivals, green beautiful areas within and near the city.
    Career interests: Primary care, healthcare for under-resourced urban communities, immigrant and Latino populations, advocacy, healthcare policy, public health, health disparities and community participatory research, ACEs, Trauma-informed care, resiliency, pediatric obesity
    Talk to me about: parenting and/or having baby during residency, moving from the West Coast, having a partner that works from home, buying a house, working with Latinx population in Baltimore, public health, urban health rotations, faith, Catholic resources
    Jaime La Charite
  • Kevin Klembczyk

    Hometown: Voorheesville, NY
    Medical School: Columbia University
    For fun I: play basketball, spend time with friends and family, try to keep up with twitter and “tik tok”
    Favorite things about Baltimore: everything, public art, diversity, Patterson Park, Baltimore pride, books, East Baltimore Medical Center
    Career interests: community-based primary care, access, health inequity, addiction, activism
    Talk to me about: East Baltimore Medical Center and its wonderful people, our curriculum
    Kevin Klembczyk
  • Jessie Calihan

    Hometown: Rochester, NY
    Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
    For fun I: spend time outside running, hiking, & skiing, explore new restaurants (especially on the water!), and coffee shops, try to read
    Favorite things about Baltimore: running along the harbor, the distinctive neighborhoods (especially Mount Vernon!), Berger cookies, amazing outdoor spaces, Pitango Cafe
    Career interests: primary care for underserved families, adolescent medicine, building community partnerships to improve health, human rights & social justice in medicine
    Talk to me about: Outdoors activities around Baltimore, Baltimore’s proximity to all East Coast family/friends/S.Os (and being in a long-distance relationship during residency), our UH curriculum, East Baltimore Medical Center
    Jessie Calihan
  • Christine Krueger

    Hometown: Baltimore
    Medical School: Brown
    For fun I: Stroll Patterson Park, jog around the waterfront promenade, explore Baltimore restaurants and museums, go sailing on the bay
    Favorite things about Baltimore: The food (steamed crabs!), the climate, the diversity, abundance of family-friendly activities, and being on the water!
    Career interests: Primary care for underserved children and adults, general internal medicine, health policy and advocacy, adolescent health
    Talk to me about: Medicine as a second career, having babies and raising babies during residency, buying a house, Baltimore food, kid-friendly activities in and around Baltimore, day trips or weekend trips from Baltimore
    Christine Krueger

Snapshots of Our Med-Peds Residents (Slideshow)

Residents spend time together outdoors.
Residents leap into the air in tandem.
Residents gather together for a selfie.
A group of residents have fun climbing a tree.

Snapshots of Our Med-Peds Residents (Slideshow)

Residents spend time together outdoors.
Residents leap into the air in tandem.
Residents gather together for a selfie.
A group of residents have fun climbing a tree.
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