Urban Health Track Sample Schedule

Sample IM Schedule (exact order of rotations will differ for each resident)

BlockYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1JHH General WardHIV Ward- supervisingGeneral Medicine Ward- The “O”- supervisingGeriatrics
2MP Clinic block/ MICUEDGeneral Medicine Ward- The “O” -supervisingGeneral Medicine Ward- The “O” SAR- supervising
3General Medicine Ward- The "O"MP Clinic block/ Health Care for the HomelessMP Clinic block/ electiveElective/ subspecialty experience
4MP Clinic block/ General Medicine WardGeneral Medicine Ward - supervisingAmbulatory HIV/HCVMP Clinic block supervisor
5General Medicine Ward- The "O"Mental Health/ consult electiveCCU/ MICUMP Clinic block/ Elective
6MP Clinic block/ CCUAddiction MedicineMP Clinic block/ Health DepartmentWomen’s Health/ Outpt Neuro

Sample Pediatrics Schedule (exact order of rotations will differ for each resident)

BlockYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
1General Ward at St AgnesSt Agnes days and nights - supervisingJHH General Ward - supervisingJHH General Ward - supervising
2Nursery and Delivery RoomAdolescent ambulatoryTuba City or ElectiveHeme clinic/Elective
3NICUPICUNICUAcute Care @ Harriet Lane – supervising
3ED/ urban community medicineEDElective from a subspecialtyED/ JHH Night Team
4JHH General WardJHH Oncology days and nightsCarceral Medicine / heme nightsElective
6Acute Care @ Harriet LaneBehavior & Development with Kennedy Krieger and community partnerJHH sub-specialty Pediatric WardElective from a subspecialty/ Mental Health


  • There are 13 blocks total yearly. Each year, you will complete 6.5 blocks in IM and Pediatrics, which includes a 2-week vacation during each specialty each year.
  • Each block is 28-days long and often broken up into two 14-day sub-blocks.
  • You will switch between Pediatrics and IM every 2-3 blocks (months).
  • You will have a 2-week vacation in the fall/winter and another in the spring/summer.
  • There is a 7-day holiday vacation block.
  • You are not jeopardy eligible during the week while on urban health rotations.
  • Clinics take place on IM rotations during your clinic blocks, electives, and urban health rotations. IM follows an X+Y schedule (6+2).
  • Clinics take place weekly during Pediatrics rotations.
  • Supervisory rotations begin in PGY2.