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About Baltimore

Hear from Medicine-Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program residents about why they chose to come to Baltimore and what they have grown to love about the city.

Clinic Experiences

Hear from Medicine-Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program residents about their experiences working in our clinics, completing various rotations and interacting with patients and staff.

Hopkins Community

Hear from Medicine-Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program residents about their experiences acclimating to the Hopkins community.

Why Hopkins?

Hear from residents about what drew them to the to Johns Hopkins and the Medicine-Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program.

Interns (PGY-1)

Sreeja Kodali (She/Her) Sree-juh Ko-dah-lee

Hometown: Morganville, NJ
Medical School: Yale School of Medicine
For fun I: grow vegetables, cook said vegetables, watch youtube, dabble in knitting (but only in the winter really)
Favorite things about Baltimore: Diverse neighborhoods each with their own culture, walking by the water, Patterson Park
Career Interests: Primary care, addiction medicine, gender-affirming care, primary care for people with serious mental illness
Talk to me about: managing residency as a sleepy person, living by yourself, where to get your eyebrows threaded, or anything!
Email: [email protected]

Sreeja Kodali

Anna Preston (She/Her) Anna Press-ton

Hometown: Hinsdale, IL
Medical School: Yale Medical School
For fun I: sit down with a book, play with my cat, or hit the gym
Favorite things about Baltimore: So far, it's been all the activities! Whether it's a movie night in the park, the farmers market, or a pop-up restaurant, there's always something going on
Career Interests: Integrated primary care systems, trauma-informed care, health equity/reform, CBPR
Talk to me about: Baltimore bookstores, moving to a new city, boxing, public health
Email: [email protected]

Anna Preston

Harrine Ramesh (She/Her) Ha-rhee-knee Raa-may-sh

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
For fun I: You can find me working out or Zumba-ing away at the Cooley Center (so sad, it’s closing!) at her apartment gym, spending way too much time at Giant and Safeway reading nutrition labels, FaceTiming my husband (who lives in Vancouver) or attending church/Bible studies both virtually and around town
Favorite things about Baltimore: 100% the people! I have never met folks who are more hopeful and resilient - they give me the courage to never give up on trying to find (sometimes even create!) a community resource to meet my patients’ needs. I’ve also never worked in a city where I get to speak to social workers and community health workers just as much as I do doctors and nurses - here, we all know medical care is not the only way to keep a family healthy! The unthinkable number of restaurants and activities and cheap cost of living are honestly just a bonus!
Career Interests: Urban Med-Peds Primary Care, Obesity Medicine, School-Based Primary Care
Talk to me about: Anything weight related (stigma, nutritional/behavioral/medical interventions, barriers to treatment, addressing weight with compassion/HAES - seriously ANYTHING!!), finding balance in residency, having a long-distance partner or a partner outside of medicine, finding a faith community
Email: [email protected]

Harrine Ramesh

Lauren Rosas (She/Her) Lo-ren Ro-sas

Hometown: Pico Rivera, CA
Medical School: UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
For fun I: like to explore new restaurants, walk by the harbor, travel, and hang out with all my cool residents
Favorite things about Baltimore: the unique personalities of all the distinct neighborhoods. It makes for such a rich living experience
Career Interests: Primary care, public health, policy
Talk to me about: Marriage during residency, moving across the country, non-traditional pathway
Email: [email protected]

Lauren Rosas

Junior Residents (PGY-2)

Danielle Amundsen (She/Her) Dan-yell Ah-muhnd-son

Hometown: Waunakee, WI
Medical School: Johns Hopkins
For fun I: swim, make pottery, care for a growing collection of house plants, play with my dog in Patterson Park, hang out with my amazing co-residents, and go hiking and backpacking
Favorite things about Baltimore: the people and the pride they have in their hometown, neighborhood festivals, the parks (might be a bit biased- my partner works for Baltimore City Rec and Parks), and the farmers' market!
Career Interests: primary care for patients with complex medical conditions, addiction medicine, working with newly-arrived immigrants
Talk to me about: Baltimore hidden gems, hiking spots, historical (and not-so-historical) relationships between Hopkins and Baltimore, having a partner outside of medicine
Email: [email protected]

Danielle Amundsen

Dana Goplerud (She/Her) Day-nuh Gawp-luh-rude

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Medical School: Johns Hopkins
For fun I: bake, cook, walk around the harbor, listen to podcasts, salsa dance
Favorite things about Baltimore: Patterson Park, food scene, rooftop decks
Career Interests: academic med-peds primary care
Talk to me about: trauma informed care, public health research, Baltimore restaurants
Email: [email protected]

Dana Goplerud

Adrienne Johnson (She/Her) A-dree-n John-son

Hometown: Middletown, DE
Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College
For fun I: Watch and play soccer, walk through Patterson Park, explore the many gems around Baltimore, do my best to keep all the plants I've collected alive
Favorite things about Baltimore: My co-interns for sure!! I love the great food throughout the city, the farmers markets, how walkable it is, and how close it is to so many great hiking trails in Maryland and the surrounding states!
Career Interests: Urban primary care, health equity, community-based health, and social justice
Talk to me about: Being a Black woman in medicine, having a partner outside of medicine, buying a house for the first time, and great food around Baltimore
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Andrienne Johnson

Raquel Sofia Sandoval (She/Her) Ra-kal Sof-ia Sando-val

Hometown: Cali, Colombia
Medical School: Harvard Medical School
For fun I: watch reality tv, cook meals, go on walks, check out new restaurants
Favorite things about Baltimore: Affordable, neighborhood-y, lots of local businesses to support
Career Interests: Primary care, health policy, immigrant health
Talk to me about: Rest, keeping/finding joy in training, navigating spaces as URiM
Email: [email protected]

Raquel Sofia Sandoval

Senior Residents (PGY-3)

Edward Corty (He/Him) Ed-word Cor-dee

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Medical School: Florida State University
For fun I: Watch/play tennis, listen to medical and nonmedical podcasts (e.g. What a Day, Curb/Cribsiders), read mostly nonfiction, go hiking and running
Favorite things about Baltimore: Baltimore is the perfect mix of southern charm (everyone says hello) and mid-Atlantic energy. I love spending time in Fells Point, Hampden, and Patterson Park and taking my dog, Annie, to B’More Licks for ice cream
Career Interests: Med-Peds primary care, Latinx health, community/population health policy, food insecurity, health and human rights
Talk to me about: Your favorite podcast, health policy, the best Baltimore restaurants by neighborhood, social justice in healthcare
Email: [email protected]

Edward Corty

Ross Gilbert (He/Him) Rawss Gil-bert

Hometown: Howards Grove, Wisconsin
Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
For fun I: spend as much time as possible with my wife, daughter, and doggo
Favorite things about Baltimore: My co-interns! Patterson Park, Bmore Licks, Mr. Trash Wheel, friendly neighbors
Career Interests: Urban underserved primary care (like most of us), primary care for foster and adoptive youth, particular interest in supporting young parents
Talk to me about: intern year with a child, moving from the Midwest, cautionary tales about moving across the country, or anything else!
Email: [email protected]

Ross Gilbert

Vianca Masucci (She/Her) Vee-an-kuh Muh-sue-chee

Hometown: Newark, NJ
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine
For fun I: Consume art in all forms, lift weights, try new recipes, take day trips, read socialist literature, enjoy long walks with my pooch, play board games
Favorite things about Baltimore: the ethnic and racial diversity, the natural beauty of the inner harbor, the culture of kindness, Patterson Park, my med/peds co-interns who are already like family
Career Interests: Primary care for individuals living with HIV, community medicine, healthcare reform
Talk to me about: Having a dog, being a Black woman in medicine, honoring anti-capitalist values as a resident
Email: [email protected]

 Vianca Masucci

Andrea Silvas (She/Her) On-fre-ah Sil-vahs

Hometown: El Paso, TX
Medical School: Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
For fun I: find ways to be upside down (through yoga/acro yoga), dance, run, hang with dogs, adventure with hubby or watch him shred on the guitar.
Favorite things about Baltimore: The weather! Dog friendliness. Robust acro yoga community
Career Interests: Addiction Medicine, Adolescent medicine, Urban primary care
Talk to me about: being married through residency, findings a church community outside of the hospital, mental health support at Hopkins, becoming a qualified bilingual staff member, where to find good Mexican tacos in Baltimore.
Email: [email protected]

Andrea Silvas

Super Senior Residents (PGY-4)

Joniqua Ceasar (She/Her) Jo-nee-quah Sea-zer

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
For fun I: love dancing (bachata/salsa/anything really) and live music/concerts, collect plants, enjoy yoga and group fitness, go thrifting and experiment with DIY projects and gifts, read historical fiction
Favorite things about Baltimore: the cool street art, its rich history and unique neighborhoods, the greenspace and access to hiking, its many festivals, the farmers markets, being close to DC, Philly and NYC
Career Interests: primary care for historically marginalized populations, community medicine & engagement, racism & health equity, health policy
Talk to me about: moving to a new state during a pandemic, being a Black woman and Christian in medicine, community-based participatory research, fashion, photography, the Umbrella Academy
[email protected]

Joniqua Ceasar

Sophie Crinion (She/Her) So-fee Crin-yin

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Medical School: UCSF School of Medicine
For fun I: llike to be outside – hiking, running, biking, strolling in the park! I also enjoy playing Hamilton on repeat, plant shopping with Joniqua, pretending I know how to paint and spending time with my family and friends (virtually or IRL)!
Favorite things about Baltimore: So many beautiful parks both in the city and within a short drive, super friendly people, neighborhoods that all have their own feel to them, the vibrant community
Career Interests: Botany – wait, just kidding. I am interested in primary care for underserved communities as well as medical education, health care for the homeless and addiction medicine.
Talk to me about: Any of the above, moving from the west coast, best places to run around Baltimore and my favorite Maryland hikes
Email: [email protected]

Sophie Crinion

Christle Nwora (She/Her) Chris-tle Nora

Hometown: Murphy, Texas
Medical School: McGovern Medical School, UT Houston
For fun I: Enjoy sharing hot takes about reality dating television shows, watching DIY and Interior Design videos on youtube and trying to workout 4-5x a week. Favorite things about Baltimore: I enjoy the green spaces (like Patterson Park), the water (love a walk around the harbor) and the food (there's more than crabcakes to eat!). Talk to me about: Podcasting (making one or just listening to one), Diversity initiatives at Hopkins, finding a church community, and my favorite nail techs!
Favorite things about Baltimore: I'm a sucker for the Inner Harbor. There is always something happening and there are so many walking / running routes.
Career Interests: Primary Care, Academic Medicine, Health Policy
Talk to me about:House staff Diversity Council, Things to do along Inner Harbor, Mental Health Support
Email: [email protected]

Christle Nwora

Urveel Shah (He/Him) Er-veel Sha

Hometown: Morton Grove, IL
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine
For fun I: Watch baseball (Go White Sox!), make pizza, try new vegetarian/vegan recipes, watch and discuss movies, explore Baltimore through walking, go down YouTube rabbit holes
Favorite things about Baltimore: amazing green spaces, walking along the harbor, finding new restaurants, the temperate climate
Career Interests: primary care for underserved patients, medical education, low cost primary care interventions, motivational interviewing and goal setting
Talk to me about: moving away from home for the first time
Email: [email protected]

Urveel Shah

Snapshots of Our Med-Peds Residents

Residents spend time together outdoors.
Resident enjoys a burger and sunflowers
Residents gather together for a selfie.
A group of residents meet at a local restaurant
A group of residents meet up at a local brewery