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Hodgkin Disease (HD) Banking Study
Protocol Number:
Allen Chen
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore
The goal of this study is to collect and distribute samples obtained from subjects with Hodgkin Disease.
Age less than 22 years Newly diagnosed untreated Hodgkin's Disease
You are going to have a biopsy (or surgery) to see if you have cancer. Your doctor will remove some tissue to make the diagnosis of your disease. If you have already had a biopsy, we ask that you allow any extra tissue be used for this study. If you have not already had a biopsy, we would like to take some extra tissue and blood for special laboratory studies. These studies will look at genes in the cells to see if genes affect how tumors respond to treatment. We will also like to use these tests to understand why some tumors spread faster or slower. If you are not currently receiving therapy and are returning for a follow-up visit, we ask for permission to use tissue that had been previously collected and is now currently stored. To help us find out why some people get Hodgkin Disease, why some people have worse complications from treatment and why some people with Hodgkin Disease respond differently to treatment, we would like to do some blood tests. If you were just diagnosed, when blood is taken for standard tests, we would like to take an extra 1-4 tablespoons. The times that extra blood is taken will depend on the therapy that you are receiving. For example blood may be collected at the following time points: ?before treatment; ?during week 1; ?at the time of your first restaging; ?at the end of treatment; ?end of radiation (if given); ?one year after treatment; and ?if your disease comes back.
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08/11/2020 05:02 AM