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Smoking Cessation Program Targets Baltimore Residents

A study by the Johns Hopkins Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities and funded by the Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund, helps people across Baltimore quit smoking.


A Partnership That Heals

As our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., is a tourist attraction, complete with trendy hotels and restaurants, upscale neighborhoods and historical museums and monuments.


Help for Lung Cancer Patients

Through various research efforts and pilot projects, Dr. Feliciano and her colleagues are chipping away at the barriers to care that reduce the chances minority and underserved patients will survive their illness.


Technology Encourages Cancer Survivors to Exercise

“Alexa, did I get enough exercise today?” That’s the question researcher Ahmed Hassoon is encouraging cancer survivors to ask.


Help for Low-Income and Uninsured Patients

How we are helping uninsured and underinsured cancer patients get the lifesaving drugs and care they need.


Encouraging College and High School Students to Care for the Underserved

The CUPID and MERIT programs help college and high school students pursue careers addressing disparities and caring for the underserved.


Kimmel Part of First Large-Scale Study of African-American Men with Prostate Cancer

The Kimmel Cancer Center is part of a $26.5 million effort to conduct the first large-scale, multi-institutional study of African-American men with prostate cancer to understand why their cancers are often more deadly.