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Partnering Around Cancer Clinical Trials (PACCT)
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Michael Carducci
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore
This research has the overall goal of increasing rates at which African American and White men with prostate cancer make an informed decision to participate in a cancer clinical trial.
Patients will be Black/African American or White, Non-hispanic, patients will have confirmed diagnosis of prostate Cancer, will be seeing a participating physician for less than a year and expect to see this physician at least once in the coming year, and are able to read and write English well enough to understand and sign consent forms and respond to questionnaires.
Eligible Patients will be asked to meet with the study team for three to six sessions over two years. Session one, patients will complete a survey, a computer will randomly assign the patients to one of two groups. For the first group, the session will be over. For the second group, patients will be given booklet about communicating with doctors. Session 2 will be in the clinic right before the doctor visit. The study team will video record the doctor visit so that they can review what the patient and the doctor talked about. The cameras are small and will not interfere with the visit in any way, patients may request that the recording be stopped at any time. Session 3: About a week after the clinic visit, study team will contact the patient for an interview. This interview will take about 20 minutes, and will be audio recorded. Study staff will review medical record to check the health status and clinical trial participation.
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