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Patient Response to Immunotherapy Using Spliceosome Mutational Markers (PRISMM)

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Patient Response to Immunotherapy using Spliceosome Mutational Markers or PRISMM is a Johns Hopkins trial for patients with advanced breast cancer whose tumors have been sequenced and have a spliceosome mutation (SF3B1). Your participation may help you – while you help us study and treat cancers with rare mutations. This trial is registered at (NCT04447651).

  • About PRISMM

    PRISMM is a novel trial offered through Johns Hopkins, designed for patients with advanced breast cancers whose tumors have been sequenced and carry a specific rare mutation (SF3B1)

  • For Physicians

    Help transform how cancer research works. Collaborate with us in this novel trial.

  • Join PRISMM

    Fill out our secure online intake survey and enroll in PRISMM today.


J1940 IRB00186535
PI: Cesar Augusto Santa-Maria, MD MSCI

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