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The Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

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Our Research

The Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute: Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee

The Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is on the leading edge of discovery and development of immune-based cancer treatments. Its breakthrough successes and enduring potential are the product of collaboration, innovation and generous financial support.

To continue expanding the list of cancers that can be successfully treated with immunotherapy, we are focused on the following research priorities:

Older female patient speaking with doctor in exam roomClinical Trials
Our researchers lead immunotherapy studies on a range of cancer types. Learn more and find a trial.
Suzanne Topalian examining a specimen under a microscopeResearch Labs
Labs across Hopkins are exploring the immune system’s potential. View immunotherapy research labs.
Dr. Drew Pardoll in the labScientific Programs
New immune therapies are emerging from several scientific areas. Explore our programs.
Scientist working in the labScientific Technology Centers
Learn about the cutting-edge technology and shared resources that support our research.


Collaboration Is at Our Core

The Institute is a place where immunologists, geneticists, biomedical engineers, infectious disease experts, and clinical oncologists share ideas and resources — with each other and through research partnerships with other leading institutions.

The Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute: Panel

Explore a timeline of immunotherapy research progress.

Get an in-depth look at immunotherapy research in a special issue of Promise & Progress.

Read our vision and mission statements.