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Camp Sunrise Volunteers

Camp Sunrise is operated by Camp Directors, Staff Director, Programming Director, CIT Director, and a Medical Director from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center's Division of Pediatric Oncology. All leadership staff, counselors and activity staff are volunteers. They devote over 100% of themselves to making sure that each and every child has an experience they will remember forever. In addition to a full week of fun-filled, camp-themed adventures, from polar bear swims to evening campfires, we also provide an environment that is safe, comfortable and medically supervised.

Our volunteer counselors concur, “it’s as enjoyable for us as it is for the kids!” Our week long, cost-free, overnight camp (ages 6-18) and our daycamp (without overnight, ages 4-5) are run by enthusiastic and caring volunteers who understand what kids enjoy, and at the same time understand their medical conditions.

Camp Sunrise Volunteer Application

Camp Sunrise offers a number of volunteer opportunities, including for counselors, activities staff, and day volunteers. All interested volunteers should fill out an application.

To serve as a counselor or activities staff, you must be willing to volunteer your time for the entire week of camp (August 1st - August 8th) and be at least 19 years old. The application will open February 1st, 2020, and the deadline for applications May 1st, 2020.

We also have opportunities for day volunteers to help out around the camp site. The application will open February 1st, 2020, and the deadline for applications will be July 10th, 2020.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Staff Director Katie Lydic at [email protected]

staffers at Camp Sunrise

Johns Hopkins Camp Sunrise Volunteers

Much like our campers, Camp Sunrise volunteers describe their time at camp as a life-changing experience. They appreciate a shared purpose and the privilege to be around some of the most remarkable people they have ever met. We recruit more than 80 volunteers every year. From cooks to counselors, our volunteers are invaluable to the kids and the camp.

Leadership In Training Program

The Leadership in Training Program (LIT) is available for all 17 and 18 year olds who attend Camp, regardless if they have been a previous camper or not.  Being in the LIT Program requires you to be present for the entire week of Camp (including staff orientation on the Saturday before campers arrive) and attend at least 2 out of the 3 trainings offered during the summer. The LIT program also offers two tracks. The Counselor Track and the Logistics Track. The decision to place an LIT participant in one of the two tracks will ultimately be up to the LIT Program Directors and will take into account the LIT participant’s completed application, essay included with application, and interview conducted during first training. 

The Counselor Track
LIT participants will be exposed to the counselor role and have the opportunity their second year (if interested) to be a part of the activities staff. This track will focus on helping former campers make the transition to becoming successful counselors/staff by mentorship and guidance from the LIT Program Directors and the counselors/activity staff they will placed with during the week of camp. Throughout the week of camp, LIT participants will be evaluated multiple times by the LIT Program Directors and staff members they are placed with and will be provided a midpoint and final evaluation. At the end of the second year of training, if the LIT participant successfully passes the program, they will be asked back as a counselor by the Camp Staffing Director. A failing score will require the LIT participant to interview with the Staffing Director the following year if they choose to, and the staffing director will decide if the LIT participant will be asked back as a staff member at Camp. 

The Logistics Track
LIT participants, under the direct supervision and assistance from a LIT Program Director, will experience the essential functions and activities of camp and help Camp run smoothly throughout the week. This track will focus on completing daily tasks surrounding the logistics of Camp, assisting Activities Staff and assisting with campers in various camp activities. Within this track there will be a balance between serving in a helping role and having camper experiences. LIT participants placed in the program will not be evaluated, but will be provided feedback on their duties throughout the week of camp. At the end of their second year of training, all LIT participants in the logistics track will graduate from this program and will not be considered for staff positions in the following years.