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The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Survivorship Videos

 C-Answers: Life Clinic


A video series answering your questions about our Life Clinic and cancer survivorship from the faculty and staff of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.  Listen to our experts discuss psychological and social effects of cancer survivorship, managing survivorship issues, neuro psychology and survivorship, cancer survivorship and fertility, nutrition for cancer survivors and cancer survivor research.

Managing Survivorship Issues

Kathy Ruble, Director of the Life Clinic explains the Clinic's role in assessing medical issues related to cancer treatment a cancer survivor received as a child.

Neuro Psychology

Neuro Psychologist, Lisa Jacobson provides long term care and follow up of neuro related issues for childhood cancer survivors. Lisa helps find tools cancer survivors need to become happy and successful adults.

Cancer Survivorship and Fertility

Fertility specialist, Lisa Kolp discusses fertility issues for cancer survivors, in particular childhood cancer survivors. The Johns Hopkins Life Clinic maximizes every patients potential to have a family.

Nutrition for Survivors

Lynda McIntyre, registred dietician in the Life Clinic at Johns Hopkins, explains the importance of eating well after cancer and offers tips for a healthy lifestyle for cancer survivors.

Survivorship Research

Pediatric Oncologist, Robert Arceci discusses cancer survivorship research and discovering genetic cues that predispose cancer survivors from developming late effects from their cancer treatment.

The Late Effects of Treatment - Michael Garil's Story

Michael Garil was a leukemia patient that suffered many "late effects" of cancer treatment. He helped us to better understand and treat side effects in patients today. His parents, Ethel and Bernard Garil have generously supported leukemia research nationwide including the Michael J. Garil Leukemia Survivors Program at the Johns Hokins Kimmel Cancer Center. This is his story.