Johns Hopkins Cancer Care Clinic at Unity Health Care

Your Patients. Our Priority.

Are you concerned your patient may have cancer? 

Does your patient need a diagnostic workup, including imaging to confirm or rule out cancer?  Treatment planning and coordination if cancer is confirmed? 

Dealing with side effects and medical issues of ongoing cancer therapy?

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital is here to help.

Our experienced navigator and nurse practitioner, located onsite at the Parkside Health Center, provide personalized care, follow up and guidance each step of the way for you and your patients.

Our Team Approach

  • Meet with patients and caregivers to identify any barriers or needs
  • Gather medical records needed for care
  • Make referrals to support services at Sibley
  • Schedule timely appointments with specialists at Sibley
  • Coordinate financial assistance and address insurance barriers

We provide patient care regardless of health insurance coverage.

Sibley accepts all major commercial insurance and managed care organization (MCO) plans, Medicare and DC Medicaid.

Provider Brochure 

  • Coordinate and communicate with YOU, the patient’s Primary Care Provider, to ensure continuity of care
  • Arrange free roundtrip transportation, if needed, for all appointments at Sibley and Unity
  • Serve as a consistent point of contact at the point of suspicion of cancer, throughout treatment and into post-treatment survivorship Sibley/Unity Oncology Nurse Practitioner 
  • See patients at the Johns Hopkins Cancer Care Clinic at Unity for all follow-up visits related to side effects, pain management, any other symptoms, and urgent care
  • Provide support to address comorbidities or other existing health concerns
  • Conduct a survivorship visit at end of treatment to review cancer and treatment history and to develop plan for living well after cancer treatment.

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday
8 am – 5 pm
Call 202-841-7692 
Email:  [email protected]