Patient and Family Services at Sibley Memorial Hospital


Mission Statement

The Center for Patient and Family Services’ mission is to support the well-being of our patients and their families as they face the challenges of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship; empowering them through education, navigation, social work, and integrative health and support programs.

Vision Statement

The Center for Patient and Family Services ensures all cancer patients and their families can achieve optimal quality of life through comprehensive services and innovative programs, leading the way in multidisciplinary supportive care.


Patients and families who cope with cancer face many challenges. We believe that the more our patients know about their cancer and its treatment, the more equipped they are to actively participate in their care. The Center for Patient and Family Services at Sibley Memorial Hospital offers a variety of resources to assist patients and families during this time. Email [email protected] for more information.

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Candid Conversations about Cancer 
A video series created to provide guidance on the emotional and practical aspects of coping with cancer and to help start a conversation between patients and their loved ones. The Sibley Center for Patient and Family Services is here to help

Sarcoma Cancer Center
The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center created six videos to provide information and comfort to those newly diagnosed with sarcoma. Hear from a surgical oncologist, a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist about the different aspects of treatment and how the clinical team works together to provide care. Another video reviews the ancillary staff and support programs available to help you cope with nutrition, side effects, rehabilitation, and mental health, as well as integrative health practices that offer social connection and other benefits. Two sarcoma cancer patients tell their stories with insight and hope.