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Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center experts at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., and Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, have vast expertise in managing all stages of lung cancers.

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Navigating Lung Cancer

Our fellowship-trained pulmonologists, medical and radiation oncologists, and surgeons, as well as nurse practitioners, a lung cancer nurse navigator, a dietitian, a social worker, and a supportive care nurse, all have experience working with lung cancer patients and collaborate together to support each patient. New patients can meet with several team members when they come for clinic appointments and have access to clinical trials. In addition, our experts participate in tumor board conferences to discuss new patient cases with additional lung cancer experts at our main campus in East Baltimore. Each patient participates in forming an individualized care plan that maximizes the opportunity for a successful outcome. Join Dr. Benjamin Levy of John Hopkins, Sibley Memorial Hospital; Candice Graham-Adderton - Thoracic Cancer Nurse Navigator; Rasheda Persinger Adams - Medical Oncology Nurse Practitioner, in a discussion on how to navigate lung cancer - from diagnosis to treatment, and beyond.

Kimmel In DC with Dr Ben Levy - Lung Cancer Surgery

Hear medical oncologist Benjamin Levy and thoracic surgeon Stephen Broderick discuss important aspects of lung cancer surgery, including how surgical techniques are advancing, how patients should prepare in advance, and what to expect during recovery.

Novel Cancer Treatments and Research

Our lung cancer experts offer a range of treatment options, including chemotherapy and radiation, surgery, molecular targeted therapies, and immunotherapies, which stimulate the body’s natural immune system to better fight cancer. In fact, medical oncologists at Johns Hopkins led national clinical trials of anti-PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors for lung cancers that led to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the first immunotherapy treatments for lung cancers. Listen to medical oncologist Benjamin Levy discusses new treatment options for lung cancers.

Our experts devise personal treatment plans for patients that may include a combination of therapies. Patients can receive all of their care within the greater Washington region.


  • Watch radiation oncologist Stephen Greco explains how he uses imaging technology to improve the treatment of lung cancer.
  • Watch thoracic surgeon Stephen Broderick discusses lung-sparing and minimally invasive surgeries.
  • Watch interventional pulmonologist Andrew Lerner discusses the multidisciplinary team the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.
  • Watch interventional pulmonologist Andrew Lerner demonstrates using new technology to reach lesions in the lungs that cannot be reached using traditional techniques.

Overcoming Lung Cancer: Tina's Story

“The staff became my cancer treatment family and fought alongside with me. That is what I sought to find in a treatment center, and Johns Hopkins at Sibley exceeded my expectations.”

Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center

Some cancers may benefit from proton therapy, which uses high energy beams to deliver radiation. The Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital is one of the largest and most advanced centers in the U.S., with three treatment rooms and advanced pencil beam technology to “paint” tumors with cancer cell-killing proton energy layer by layer, sparing surrounding tissues and vital organs.


Johns Hopkins Science

Our lung cancer patients have access to novel clinical trials being directed by experts in Washington, D.C., as well as our flagship campus in East Baltimore. Our lung cancer specialists also have expertise in the management of lung cancers in patients who were not smokers. Many of these patients have genetic alterations in their cancers that make them eligible for certain clinical trials and targeted therapies.