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The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Hope Project Events

Featured presentations on the Hope Project

November 30-
The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center community convened a large audience for Grand Rounds to hear the first presentation of The Hope Project.  This project, led by a multi-diciplinary team from our Cancer Center, seeks to elevate the concept of hope beyond its association with cure.  To do this, the project aims to help cancer care providers talk with patients about hope in a realistic and nurturing way that encourages patients to define and refine over time what it is that brings them hope.  The presentation was an important beginning to our conversations about how hope can help our patients manage their illnesses, independent of their prognosis. 

During the presentation, our own patients spoke eloquently about how the small, everyday hopes are the things that light their fire, keep them going, and inspire them.  We heard, unequivocally, that hope matters to our patients and talked about how we, the providers, can play a positive and influential role in their experience of hope.  We learned that asking the question: “What are you hoping for?” opens doors, starts conversations, keeps conversations going, personalizes care, and lets patients know that hope is about them, not their medical outcome.

Watch The Hope Project presented on Nov. 30 at Grand Rounds.