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The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Support, Services and Useful Links

Important Johns Hopkins Phone Numbers

Cancer Education
American Cancer Society (ACS)                                   
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)         
Association of Community Cancer Centers               
Cancer Updates, Research & Education (CURE)    
Cancer Guide                                                                   
Center for Cancer Support & Education                      
Head and Neck Cancer Alliance                                   
National Cancer Institute (NCI)                                     
National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) 
National Institute of Health (NIH)                                  
Patient Resource Cancer Guide                                   
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center      
Support for People with Oral, Head & Neck Cancer

Caregivers & Support
Cancer Hope Network                                                    
Cancer and Careers                                                       
Cancer Wellness Center                                               
Family Caregiver Alliance                                              
Hopewell Cancer Support                                             
National Family Caregivers Association                     
Support for People with Oral, Head & Neck Cancer 
Visiting Nurse Associations of America                      

The Chemotherapy Foundation                                    

Clinical Trials
National Institute of Health (NIH)                                  
Center Watch Clinical Trial Listing Service                 
Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative                   

Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Center for Mind-Body Medicine                                     
The Cancer Project                                                         
Natl Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Office of Cancer Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Directories to Resources
Association of Cancer Online Resources                   
Cancer Index                                                                     

Drug Research Updates
FDA Cancer Liaison Program                                       
U.S Food & Drug Administration                                   
Pharmaceutical Research                                             
American Association for Cancer Research              
American Institute for Cancer Research                     
Cancer Research Institute                                             

Financial , Legal / Insurance Assistance
Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition                        
Cancer Legal Resource Center                                     
Needy Meds                                                                       
Partners for Prescription Assistance                            
Patient Advocate Foundation                                          
Patient Services Inc.                                                  
Government Assistance
Government Benefits                                                       
Legal Services Corporation                                            
Social Security Administration                                        

Hospice & Home Care
American Hospice Foundation                                      
Hospice Education Institute                                           
Hospice Foundation of America                                    
International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care
National Association for Home Care                            
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization     

Housing During Treatment
American Cancer Society (Hope Lodges)                     
Fisher House (Military Families)                                     
Hospitality Homes                                                             
National Cancer Coalition                                                

American Society for Radiation Oncology                     
Radiology Info                                                                     

Center for Disease Control Cancer Survivorship Initiatives
Journey Forward                                                                    
LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivorship                                                                                 
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship                   

Transportation and Travel Expenses
Air Care Alliance                                                                  
Angel Flight Central                                                            
National Patient Travel Helpline