The MacMillan Pathway to Independence Program

The MacMillan Pathway to Independence Program provides intense laboratory-based training for fellows interested in careers as physician scientists, leading to promotion to Instructors after 3 years of fellowship training, with the intent of being promoted to tenure-track Assistant Professors within 1 to 2 years thereafter.

Rational & History:
Recognizing the importance of the declining number of laboratory-based physician scientists trained in clinical hematology/oncology, the MacMillan Pathway to Independence was developed in 2013 with the generosity of the MacMillan Foundation to nurture young physician scientists during their early, creative years to yield the next generation of leaders in translational hematology/oncology research.

Award Details:
Due to the need for additional training for laboratory-based physician scientists to obtain research publications and extramural grant support, the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center seeks to support outstanding individuals beyond the traditional three-year Hematology/Oncology and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology training program(s). This program is specifically designed for clinically-trained physician-scientists within our Fellowship Programs who have an interest in initiating their own independent laboratory based careers. 

During the first year of appointment, MacMillan Instructors will continue to work with their mentors to complete their research projects.  During the next year of the program, Instructors will be promoted to tenure-track Assistant Professors.  Awardees will be expected to serve as Attending Physicians for a minimum amount of inpatient clinic duties (no more than 4 weeks during the year) and will not have outpatient clinic responsibilities, in order to maximum protected research time. Instructors will also be expected to apply for transitional award mechanisms such as the NIH K08 awards or equivalent funding opportunities.  Instructors will receive faculty salary and fringe benefits as per the policies of the Department of Oncology and School of Medicine. We anticipate making two awards per year depending on the number and quality of applications.

Application Process:
Applications will be solicited annually by Dr. Mary Armanios during the beginning of a Fellow's third year.  As the Fellowship is supported, in part, by federal funds, only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply.