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  • Director, Thoracic Oncology Biorepository
  • Associate Professor of Oncology

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Research Interests

Lung Cancer; Mesothelioma and Esophageal Cancer Translational Research; Cancer Genomics; Multi-Omics Integrative Analyses; Liquid Biopsies more


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CRB 186C Oncology
Baltimore, MD 21287
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Dr. Anagnostou is an Assistant Professor of Oncology in the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. She graduated from the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and received a PhD in cancer biology from the same institution. Dr. Anagnostou completed her internal medicine residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital and subsequently trained in Medical Oncology at Johns Hopkins. She has established the Molecular Oncology laboratory that seeks to understand the genomic wiring of response and resistance to immunotherapy through integrative genomic, transcriptomic, single-cell and liquid biopsy analyses of tumor and immune evolution. She is also the Director of the Thoracic Oncology Biorepository at Johns Hopkins.

Her group has discovered novel mechanisms of response and resistance to immunotherapy and is also developing liquid biopsy assays that capture the dynamics of response and may more accurately predict emergence of resistance to immunotherapy. Her work has provided the foundation for a molecular response-adaptive clinical trial, where therapeutic decisions are made not based on imaging but based on molecular responses derived from liquid biopsies.

Overall, Dr. Anagnostou focuses on studying the temporal and spatial order of the metastatic and immune cascade under the selective pressure of immunotherapy with the ultimate goal to translate this knowledge into “next-generation” immuno-oncology clinical trials and change the way oncologists select patients for these therapies. more


  • Director, Thoracic Oncology Biorepository
  • Co-Director, Lung Cancer Precision Medicine Center of Excellence
  • Associate Professor of Oncology

Departments / Divisions



  • MD; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Medicine (2005)


  • Internal Medicine; Yale-New Haven Hospital (2013)


  • Medical Oncology; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (2016)

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine (General Internal Medicine) (2014)
  • American Board of Internal Medicine (Medical Oncology) (2015)

Research & Publications

Technology Expertise Keywords

Next Generation Sequencing; Transcriptomic Analyses; Liquid Biopsies

Clinical Trial Keywords

Biomarker-driven immuno-oncology clinical trials

Selected Publications

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Anagnostou V, Niknafs, N, Marrone K, Bruhm D, White J, Naidoo J, Hummelink K, MOnkhorst K, Lalezari F, Lanis M, Rosner S, Reuss J, Smith K, Adleff V, Rodgers K, Belcaid Z, Rhymee L, Levy B, Feliciano J, Hann C, Ettinger D, Georgiades C, Verde F, Illei P, Li Q, Baras A, Gabrielson E, Brock M, Karchin R, Pardoll D, Baylin S, Brahmer J, Scharpf R, Forde P, Velculescu V. Multimodal Genomic Features Predict Outcome of Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Nature Cancer, in press.

Anagnostou V, Forde PM, White JR, Niknafs N, Hruban C, Naidoo J, Marrone KA, Sivakumar IKA, Bruhm DC, Rosner S, Phallen J, Leal A, Adleff V, Smith KN, Cottrell TR, Rhymee L, Palsgrove DN, Hann CL, Levy B, Feliciano J, Georgiades C, Verde F, Illei P, Li QK, Gabrielson E, Brock MV, Isbell JM, Sauter JL, Taube J, Scharpf RB, Karchin R, Pardoll DM, Chaft JE, Hellmann MD, Brahmer JR, Velculescu VE. Dynamics of tumor and immune responses during immune checkpoint blockade in non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer Res. 2019 Mar 15;79(6):1214-1225.

Danilova L*, Anagnostou V*, Caushi JX, Sidhom JW, Guo H, Chan HY, Suri P, Tam A, Zhang J, Asmar ME, Marrone KA, Naidoo J, Brahmer JR, Forde PM, Baras AS, Cope L, Velculescu VE, Pardoll DM, Housseau F, Smith KN. The Mutation-Associated Neoantigen Functional Expansion of Specific T Cells (MANAFEST) Assay: A Sensitive Platform for Monitoring Antitumor Immunity. Cancer Immunol Res. 2018 Aug;6(8):888-899. *co-first authors

Anagnostou V, Smith KN, Forde PM, Niknafs N, Bhattacharya R, White J, Zhang T, Adleff V, Phallen J, Wali N, Hruban C, Guthrie VB, Rodgers K, Naidoo J, Kang H, Sharfman W, Georgiades C, Verde F, Illei P, Li QK, Gabrielson E, Brock MV, Zahnow CA, Baylin SB, Scharpf RB, Brahmer JR, Karchin R, Pardoll DM, Velculescu VE. Evolution of Neoantigen Landscape during Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Cancer Discov. 2017 Mar;7(3):264-276

Jones S, Anagnostou V, Lytle K, Parpart-Li S, Nesselbush M, Riley DR, Shukla M, Chesnick B, Kadan M, Papp P, Galens KG, Murphy D, Zhang T, Kann L, Sausen M, Angiuoli SV, Diaz Jr LA, Velculescu VE. Personalized Genomic Analyses for Cancer Mutation Discovery and Interpretation. Science Translational Medicine. 2015 Apr 15;7(283):283ra53


Immunohistochemical quantitation of tumor mTOR levels provides prognostic information on disease progression and outcome
Patent # US serial number 61/275,784 | 

An objective quantitative method to predict histological subtype in non-small cell lung cancer
Patent # US serial number 13/502,079 | 

A protein expression-based classifier for prediction of recurrence in lung adenocarcinomas
Patent # US serial number 61/463,715 | 

Mechanisms of Acquired Resistance to Immunotherapy
Patent # US serial number 16/312,152 | 

MANAFEST – A novel sensitive, specific, scalable and simple method to identify functional anti-tumor T cell responses
Patent # US serial number 62/407,820 | 

Non-invasive Detection of Response to Immunotherapy
Patent # US serial number 62/657,600 | 

Genomic Drivers of Response to Immunotherapy
Patent # US serial number 62/824,807 | 

Matched white blood cell and cell-free DNA analyses for prediction of therapeutic response in patients with cancer
Patent # pending | 

Academic Affiliations & Courses

Graduate Program Affiliation

Cellular and Molecular Medicine Program, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Activities & Honors


  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Greek National Institute of Scholarships, 1999
  • Early Career Oncologists/Scientists Award, EORTC-NCI-ASCO, 2006
  • ASCO Merit Award, ASCO, 2010
  • Paul Carbone, MD Fellowship Award, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Research and Education Foundation, 2015
  • Richard C. Devereaux Award, IASLC/Prevent Cancer Foundation, 2016
  • McMillan Scholar, McMillan Pathway to Independence Award, 2016
  • AACR Next Generation Star Award, AACR, 2017
  • Best of AACR Journal Collection, most cited paper for Cancer Discovery in 2017, AACR, 2017
  • Accelerated Translational Incubator Pilot Program Award, Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, 2017
  • Career Development Award for Lung Cancer Translational Research, LUNGevity Foundation, 2017
  • V Foundation Scholar, The V Foundation for Cancer Research, 2017
  • Swim Across America Translational Award, Swim Across America, 2018


  • American Association for Cancer Research
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology

Professional Activities

  • Co-Leader, Johns Hopkins Molecular Tumor Board
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